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  1. 19inch glc coupe amg original rims no kerb rash 1500 nego cash and carry
  2. As above Sunshade glc coupe may I know where to get? unable to find locally have contacted some shop but they don have thanks!
  3. Selling new gle and c class spoiler both gloss black gle class 2017 c class w205 2016 2016 each $80
  4. Second that, previous car installed with power magic pro that monitor the car battery, useless still flat my car battery best get power pack like a power bank
  5. I think those with amg sport packages spare wheel is those steel type
  6. Wow interesting. Importantly to people like me dont like to cut stock wiring. Thanks dude
  7. My w212 using api suspension. Very shiok You wan comfort can be adjusted by damper rate You wan corner 60-70 also can stable also adjust by damper rate Height high low up to you Call site sponsor bms motorsport ah boy for more info
  8. Tzw

    W212 exhaust

    Just my 2 cent E250 engine and e350 diff E250 inline straight 4 Bur e350 v6
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