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  1. Hi All, I have the above item for sale. Its brand new. Cycle selling at $461. I am letting go at $380. Feel free to PM me to deal. Thanks.
  2. Dear Bros, I have a 6 month old (latest design) AMG BBK, 6/4 pot for sale. Suitable for all W207 and W204 models. Please PM me for details, price and pictures. Thanks.
  3. Better don't share it here.. Else LTA might be reading his haha
  4. Operated exhaust are ""LTA"" compliant.. Those experienced modders will know what I mean..
  5. Able to share this info in the forum as well?
  6. Suitable for E class with the M274 engine. Please PM me if keen. Thanks. Cash and carry as already removed from my car.
  7. Given the fact that it's state funeral for our founding father, is this meet up still on?
  8. SE, I assume is the sales executive? Don't bother ask them. You ask them change anything also void warranty..just do it.. I am on AMG BBK too..
  9. Not sure bro.. Our car have the same engine.. Mine is the E250 coupe..bought in Oct 2013, now 16k mileage too.. Have not experience the vibration so far
  10. Your car should be running on turbo charger, not super charger
  11. It's either 15k interval or 1 year whichever comes first. So please change the oil and the Service guy is correct.
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