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  1. I wasn't given a choice of 2 tone red black but I know the seats for AMG Interior are slightly different from Exclusive. AMG Interior trims are also standard aluminium for sides and piano black for centre.
  2. Looks cool! Are the centre consoles the same for both GLC and GLC Coupes? I seem to only find the ones for GLC on tabao.
  3. I'd like to know if anyone has stuck any carbon fibre liked stickers over their centre console? Figured if that's doable, it can serve as a protection against scratches for those with piano lacquered trim?
  4. Either Cycle gave me a really good price or the PIs I inquired think I'm a carrot. Hahaha.
  5. Mine comes with both AMG line exterior and interior. Guess that's standard specs for Cycle cars? Didn't change suspension, add sun roof or go for night package though. Wanted to change rims but they say will kena stuck at LTA longer. I bought without COE so they gave me an estimated price. And I compared this estimated price that I was quoted to PI ex stock, difference is only 10k. Unless Cycle play me out and don't stick to what they estimated.
  6. I guess 15 to 20% discount off actual AD selling price (not list price) would make PIs a worthwhile consideration. I just seem to get less than 10% difference in selling price when I compared in Mar 2017. And considering lower OMV for PI cars (similar specs), I think with what I was quoted, the PIs actually make more than the AD! Hahaha.
  7. Wow, that's quite a bit! I inquired last month and there was only 10k difference between AD & PI. I would be crazy to go with the latter.
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