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  1. Lol.. this topic has been talked to death regardless of car brands, language and religion.. you will never get a solid answer. For me, if there is no cutting or splicing into factory wires, I will just do it..
  2. This is very true. Otherwise It will go into ‘you must be be kidding me’ mode (means no active parking). Tested by my partner-in-crime. During test drive, She even attempted to try assist parking when she wanted to get out of perpendicular parking. Me and SE drop jaws and exchanges evil glances .. lol. personally only time I used it in test drive too. The abrupt or rather aggressive parking from assist parking puts me off.
  3. Installing the tweeter does not require any cutting or trimming. Well.. that’s what my installer told me.. anyway, i really like it..
  4. I have my w213 for about 3 months now. For some reasons, I just personally felt that the position of the steering wheel is somewhat not optimum. It seems to be situated too much left for my liking. I used to be able to rest my right hand on door ledge or arm rest when I am driving other conti and even my former trusty big-small-eye e200K but just not with this model also, I love the cabin space and legroom, all except the driver’s. It’s just feel a little squeezy without any proper foot rest for the left leg.. Guess we have the mighty center console to thank for.. other that above, I am in love this Germain machine. After a Long day from work, it’s nice to look into the beautiful dash and interior light, esp when I just added the burmister rotating tweeters.. 😎
  5. Sure. Did it at Nam Huat at Toh guan centre. Cost me are 450 I think. I didn’t go for the external power bank, as advised by them, since i didn’t opt for the stationary recording (when parking).. they did mentioned that I can always install it the next time if I wish to. Pretty friendly guys. Fixed it within an hour or so and patient when teaching how to use it.
  6. I installed x9 last month. Pretty happy with it and easy to use. Videos were clear on my pc and mobile.
  7. I went to the dealer who happens to just bring in a fleet of CnC Mgmt cars. Saw a wife range of colors. Actually I was also looking at this blue (indeed unique classy) and another dark blue before I settled on grey just simply because only the grey comes with brown interior and rest are black interior. Got a bit sick of black seats and dark feel.. plus grey is much easier to maintain . It’s been about two weeks since I last washed my car and it still look fine. 😎 car Color is very personal and subjective. Go with what you like.
  8. Collected my ride w213. Selenite grey with brown interior. Noticed that my dashboard and door trim is little different from most i seen on the road. Not wood or silver, more towards carbon trim but not exactly like those in Amg models. Lol.. I am a confused man
  9. Pls advice price for w213
  10. Pls pm price for w213 (still with factory grille)
  11. Oops.. I meant to say x9.
  12. I did it at Nam Huat. Fair pricing and friendly staff with good explanation of functions
  13. I am on IROAD x90. Installed it in Toh guan recently as I just got my ride 2 weeks ago. The videos (see from my hp via wifi) seems to have pretty reasonable quality and is clear. Like the sleek cyLinder design as well.