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  1. Pls advice price for w213
  2. Pls pm price for w213 (still with factory grille)
  3. Oops.. I meant to say x9.
  4. I did it at Nam Huat. Fair pricing and friendly staff with good explanation of functions
  5. I am on IROAD x90. Installed it in Toh guan recently as I just got my ride 2 weeks ago. The videos (see from my hp via wifi) seems to have pretty reasonable quality and is clear. Like the sleek cyLinder design as well.
  6. Hi, are these Vertini original or OEMs? Sorry for the noob question. thinking of these on my w213 but not sure if they are direct fit.. thanks.
  7. Getting my ride on Wednesday. Looking forward to meet n learn from you folks. Cheers!
  8. Dears, i am planning to purchase a pre-owned 1 year old e200 (w213) from a dealer. The car is still under the standard 3 years C&C warranty.I recognise that warranty only cover costs of parts but not costs of labor. Before purchase, Can you advise if I should bring it to C&C for their used car check service (think it cost 250 SGD and they have 33 points check)? I am not sure how different or better is that compared to STA or Viacom and whether is it really worth the process. i am also not sure if there are trusted workshops doing such pre-purchase checks (Guess subjected to dealer comfort level). thanks much for your advice in advance
  9. Just sold my current ride and hunting for a preowned E200 (W213) in the market. Been about 5-6 years since my last merc (e200k). So it’s nice to be back in the forum! I saw and really like the ones with wide screen display (connecting the centre and driver display) in CnC but not in the used car market- 2017 models. Maybe the wide screen ones only can’t out q1 2018. Did spotted one but it’s a PI but a little concerned about warranty issue (wouldn’t want to pay the 10K CnC induction fee if any potential issues can’t be solved by PI workshop. hope I can find something I like soon.. and have a good Long weekend everyone!
  10. This is really very very nice... After driving the other continentals, I am back to the market looking for a E200 W213. Felt so inspired seeing your pics
  11. Knock knock.. 1) does your $2888 inclusive of bodykit + spray painting the entire car (after installing the bodykit) or 2888 applies to the body kit + spray painting of bodykit? 2) What is the downtime for the whole process? Thanks
  12. Hello, thanks for response. 1) does your $2888 inclusive of spray painting the entire car (after installing the bodykit) or only the body kit? 2) What is the downtime for the whole process? 3) Is your kit available now, or has to wait for x period after confirmation? Thanks
  13. Hi mcwell, do you still offer the Ang body kit to 2007 w211? Thanks. Do u provide spray painting as well?
  14. Hi, my sister is selling her car, Alfa 159' 2.2 selespeed. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=342616&DL=1000 Think she is looking at 64k bottomline. Do contact her if keen. Cheers.
  15. Hello guys, I just joined too.. Been searching around and finally settled for benzzz.. Sorry kot bro, hijack your thread.. Hehe..