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  1. Yes. Only regret was i did not do it sooner. Haha i have operated exo, center resonator and custom downpipe with 200 cell sport cat. C180 (1.6turbo)
  2. Hi All, Want to sell racechip for C180 w204. $480 Cash and Carry! Please sms 8338 0021. Thanks!
  3. haha 7 gears good! 7 g-tronic is much better than the 5 speed transmission. less sluggish, less transmission loss and more fuel economical
  4. Firm = shiok for cornering and turning stability. Mazdas, Toyotas, Kias, Lexus and they all doesn't seem as crashy to me... but they probably feel super "floaty" at high speeds. Can change to Kw coilovers, then you can manually adjust the rebound and dampening to suit your driving style.
  5. Are there any aftermarket intercoolers available for w204 c180 (1.6 litre turbo) - m274 engine? I want to up boost
  6. WTS Eurosport Tuning Box Here are the dyno results: http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/14031-c180-16l-eurosports-tuned-with-dyno-chart/?hl=%2Beurosports+%2Btuned Tuning box comes with adjustable settings. Cash & Carry Only. Thanks! Contact: 8338 0021
  7. For sale: W204 Class FL Headlamps (comes with HID kit, non-glare type) Interested parties please sms 8338 0021.Thanks!
  8. Mines not legal haha. I even cut the stock mufflers so theres nothing inside. So its engine --> downpipe w race cat --> gases out the reason why I left a race cat there, cause when I did a straight through set up, I felt the low end suffer quite a bit.
  9. I don't know about c200. But on for c180 I did custom downpipe with racing cat. Crazy sound after that, plus my exhausts farts when I lift off the throttle at higher rpms. haha love it.
  10. idle little difference, but when you hit the 2.5-5k rev range
  11. I operated my mufflers like 6 months ago. Today, went to Fong Kim to collect my car, its now fitted with custom down pipe. Quite sick the sound
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