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  1. my ride when I had the suspension prob;em almost 2 yrs 6 mths. I had the bbk installed almost 1 yr before that. I really don't think anything more direct that would cause the shocks to fail since its almost directly connected would you?
  2. I believe that the date can only be found on settings menu. Time/Date adjust. nothing on the volume though
  3. KW ? I know a few people who had it installed and no complaints for the moment.
  4. Hi Guys just my experience with C&C I've also installed the AMG BBK on my ride. If you are not aware I had to replace the front knuckle too. I had some issues with the suspension after the mod. The absorbers were knocking. Brought it to C&C for a claim on warranty. Not only did they honour the warranty they gave me a courtesy car for the duration my car was in the shop for repairs. BTW they replaced all 4 shock absorbers. "so they claim" under warranty they somehow do not issue a receipt. Not once did they say that because of my mod that the warranty was void.
  5. Kenny sound like a guy I should be looking for. Got the name of the shop and address?
  6. any idea if any of them would carry the W204 amg brake pads?
  7. Hi guys I drive a 2009 W204 (pre FL) I'm in need of a new front head light assy and a set of new amg front brake pads. Could anyone point me in the right direction to the best place where I can get the parts? Thanks
  8. Nope did not do anything to my shocks. All stock. I'll prob go down tomorrow. Any idea how much it would cost?
  9. Thanks for the info. I have a camber problem then. The car is not drifting off anywhere. My wheels are just wearing off on the inside. My first set of tyres did not wear off that fast on the inside. So now that I've ascertained the problem. Could anyone recommend a shop to where I could get it adjusted? I would appreciate a shop name and location.. Thanks
  10. Hi guys I just realised that my from wheels are wearing off on the inside. Someone told me about camber adjustment. Is that like wheel alignment? Could anyone here please advice me on where I could go get it done?
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