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  1. If this is from C&C, go and have them reset the seat ECU. A 10min job. If you have not upgraded the software on the ECU yet, also ask for a software upgrade, this could fix the issue once and for all. Else, every 3 months, you have to reset your seat ECU.
  2. Try changing phone to a different name, use single word with no blank space and special character. Eg, HuatAh
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's such a big blackbox to many of us, the ES can cite whatever technical explanations and most of the time, we can only say ..oh is like that one ah.
  4. No luck in getting a new ECU. A 10min reset job does it. At least I have a record in there in case the same issue happens again to justify a ECU replacement.
  5. Haha, too many ECU in the cars nowadays. Gone are the days where you can manually adjust the carburetor with a test pen for air/fuel mixture. Going to eunos C&C for repair today. Hope they replace the ECU.
  6. There is 40000km of my driving habits inside. Is there other choice rather than replacing ECU?
  7. Btw, the car seat I am using is britax and booster seat is clek
  8. Toddler car seat no issue, most brand and make will do coz you latch the car seat with the car safety belt, and latch your precious with whatever scheme dat the car seat comes with it. But booster is a headache. Coz the car seat width is narrow, and slight elevation downwards. The booster will hit the bottom latch next to the cup holder and v hard for the kid to self buckle up coz the booster will move forward. Solution is to use the isofix latch car seat.
  9. I have this issue where the Coupe's Passenger seat gets out of position after a while (maybe 3-6 mths) of usage. Out of position means the the electronic adjuster is at the max position but the seat is still very low in inclination, seems like the gear mechanism keeps "jumping teeth" whenever you fold the frontseat to get people out from the rear. I know I can get it fixed at C&C but just to find out if this is a simple procedure to reset the electronic alignment position yourself. Thanks.
  10. Very true. Those looking at lowest depreciation has to extend COE or surf sgcarmart everyday
  11. typically, for C&C, its entry level (A,B,C Class) gross margin $50K, mainstream E class $80K, then S-class $100K. this type of profit margin are similar for most high volume luxury brand dealers with lavish showrooom, free refreshments, pretty and knowledgeable sales agents To upkeep all these, the net margins are lower but then again, they kotok you again by charging $500/- per servicing just to replace your engine oil and $200/- for a battery renewal.
  12. well...LTA and MAS can change rule anytime (like the 1.6l C180 & 1.5l BMW318) all become Cat B and 50% downpayment 5 yr loan etc), plus PAP will have additional inputs come election year. If LTA decides to keep stock of the high COE replacement to spread out the COE quota over a longer period or re-classfication of cars again, so $10/20k COE is anybody's guess. But one thing that was annouced is that Cat A benefit the most. 20% Open Cat drop to 10% Open Cat quota and more quota are given to Cat A at the expense of Cat B and Vans/Goods. So I believe the Cat A cars like A Class, B Class, CLA180 and GLA 180 will be a common sight on the road. Of course we will see extremely more Cat A Honda Vezel on the road (due to its crazy $10k emmision rebate and lower profit margin by parallel importers)
  13. price of body differs from Exporting or scrap... scrap car can be crap and incomplete for non-essential items (that is why it is to be scrap) ... but export need to re-fit back to stock condition at your own cost (aka, DIY bodykit needs to be strip back etc) scrap body get you maybe $50 to $1K good condition export body may get you up to $10K for E200
  14. Btw, now is the crucial time to think of car ownership strategy because we are in the beginning of the 10 year COE renewal peak again. Even if your car is relatively young, lose abit now is better then lose more several years down the road (when COE will trend up to the $80-100k range again). Why? 2005 to 2008 has ~100k new cars registered every year but 2011 to 2014 has less than 30k new cars registered every year. Come 2016 to 2019, you should have additional ~100k replacement COEs in the market per year. But once COE is on the downward trend starting now in Jan 2016, those due to scrap in 2017 to 2018 will also bring forward their scrap date to catch the low COE trend and for fear that the COE will go up when their time is near. This causes a slightly snowballed effect where you get even more cars scrap in 2016 and early 2017 and pushes the COE lower still and then those due to scrap in 2019-2021 are "forced" to scrap their cars 4 to 5 years earlier because they cannot wait till their 10 years as the replacement COE quota will be down to ~30k/year. What happens to those registered in 2012 to 2014 when they have paid high COE to get their new car? When their car is 10 years old again, the replacement quota is down to 20k/year, they have to pay for >>$80k high COE again.
  15. Actually, the best option is to Export your relatively young and good condition car assuming the model is in demand in the Export market. Of course mercedes is always good for Export market. And you get cash instead of LTA rebate from the Exporter immediately. De-register is the next best option because the Used car dealer will bench-mark the car with the downward trend of the COE price and generally the USED car market will be weak when COE is at the low end of the COE price range. Car dealer will be cautious to hold a large stock of used cars when COE are on the downward trend.