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  1. Do Whatsapp if you need to see the pics. Looking at $125k negotiable. Thank you.
  2. SOLD. Thanks for your Interest.
  3. Clearing my storeroom. Decided to just give away the above FL W204 front brake set (no pads). Please pm me if interested.
  4. Brake reduced to $400/- Grill is also still for sale.
  5. No, it's non AMG version. Thanks.
  6. Original Avantgarde Grill $150. Original Front Non-AMG Brake set (2 rotors & 2 calipers), used 30k mileage $500.
  7. I mean the pic has left side higher, it's RHD. This is the correct pattern to drive in Singapore. Sorry. Got my left & right mixed up.
  8. I thought the pic shows RHD as the right side is higher than the left? Anyway, Sonic had the exact same beam. Nice.
  9. Me too. Still waiting for the RHD version. We should stay united so that suppliers get the idea.
  10. Just ranting out loud. Hi fellow S class driver 6688. Your steering and signal lights are faulty. Please get it check as soon as possible. Your car had 'gently' drifted into my lane at 6th avenue just now, forcing me to stop dead in my track. Even though I've horned and flashed, your excellent sound damping and heavy tinting prevented me from helping you. Please drive safely, From a grumpy old man.
  11. Hi polarwhite, is the noise issue fixed? Same issue since day1. Sent the car to C&C a few times, last one (just last week), to Pandan loop for 2 nights and still not fixed. SA says he need more time to look for the noise. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, C&C called me today and ask me how satisfied I am very their service. I paused for a very long time not knowing what to say.