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  1. Hi Alvin, can pm on the price of custom ECU tuning?
  2. My ABS light turn on when I did u turn.. any senior can advice what is wrong?
  3. Hi Seniors, can anyone advice if there is differences for steering wheel between LHD vs RHD?
  4. Can I know how much is the upgrade for W204 Coupe
  5. Is it suitable for W204 C-coupe
  6. Seniors, any recommendation for exos on W204 Coupe? Which one is value for money?
  7. Any Senior can recommend where to repair the electronic seat? My passenger seat cannot adjust..
  8. Refurbish as in redo Respray and touch up
  9. Hi Seniors, where can I go to refurbish my rims? How much and down time?
  10. Any Bros using Combi Cradling 360? Or any brands to recommend for C-coupe?
  11. Any bros can recommend a set of basic coilover as my stock absorbers dying on me liao. Not looking at those racing type, something basic more for "looks". Is for W204 C180 coupe. Can advise the price too?
  12. Still available?
  13. Any bros using Combi Cradling 360?