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  1. it might be your alternator pulley. I had same vibration issue and my mechanic found out it was due to the alternator pulley. Get it changed and it works perfectly. Hope it helps. But bear in mind I dun have fluctuating RPM issue though
  2. Hi I m keen on your headlights. SMS me your best offer. 96893919
  3. As mentioned above looking for good condition front left headlamp for replacement. Thanks Pls SMS me direct. 96893919
  4. I have to agree with you totally. When I changed from FD2R to this C200..... the C200 is super comfy and nice to look at with high quality interior, but it just has no soul in it. Type R on the other hand oozes with character and so unforgetable. Handling, styling, engineering and desirability... you name it the type R has it. The K20A twin cam..... my God ... is a real Godsend. Too bad I have to change my type R becoz of my baby. Too hard core coz the ride is just too hard for him... travelling to Malaysia was almost impossible unless you are willing to drive at 80kmh..... LOL
  5. Thats about right how long this windscreen washer will last. I had mine changed at MB. It is just a motor thingy... cheap repair. If I remember correctly it should cost below 100bucks to get it fix. No worries ..... just a minor wear and tear issue. Enjoy your ride.
  6. Bro your "TEK TEK" noise happened to my ride as well. I had this issue for quite a while and I couldn't figure it out as well. But somehow after changing my front brake rotor plus changing to original brake pad.... the TEK TEK noise when turning steering wheel no longer exist now at all. Really is like magic.... dunno if something was loosen to start of it and as the mechanic removed the rotor and tightened things up that fixed it or new rotor plus original brake pad that fix it. I had it feeling is the original brake pad coz most of the aftermarket brake pad do produce some kinda of knocking noise. Hope it sheds some light....
  7. Looking for the above item. Sms me if u r keen to let go 96893919
  8. As mentioned above looking for one to replace my existing faulty intercooler therefore not looking for power upgrade. Dun mind used item as long as functional. Sms or watsapp me 96893919
  9. Anyone keen on selling it pls sms/watsapp me. Thanks. 96893919
  10. Anyone keen on selling it pls sms/watsapp me. Thanks. 96893919
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