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  1. Anyone has experience on leaking roof on R230? The roof on the driver side is leaking during heavy rain, How big an issue is that? I heard is a pretty simple replacement of rubber seals. Regards, Storm
  2. I understand that the R230 has a facelift in '08? How difficult is it to facelift the '04 to that of the '08? Estimated cost?
  3. Err..Gullwings abit too radical for me. ;-)
  4. Thanks Blackmercs, very nice rides and very tastefully done. I do not have any pictures yet but will try to take some soon...not really a picture person...argh!
  5. Thanks Ruth! Storm is not my real name and I suppose Ruthgatti isn't ur real name? ;-)
  6. Hi all gurus! I have recently bought a R230 SL350, so that makes me a newbie to both Mercedes and this forum. I am currently driving a '04 model so it looks a tad dated, any advice on facelifting? Regards, Storm