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  1. I had mine on for 2 yrs without any peeling. Went through petrol station car wash using powerjet washers regularly without any peeling. Online search for other's experience seem like it last much longer. Especially if you are just using it on small parts like grills and chrome bits.
  2. the base colours will be matt in look and texture. You can add metallizer (which I did) or pearlizer coating for the additional effect you want. Can add on a final coat of glossifier (which I did too) to get the smoother gloss look. you can google those terms I highlighted in bold to see how they work and their effect. The cool thing about plastidip is that it can easily DIY and if you muck it up or don't like the final effect (cos of newbie limited experience), you can always tear it out and redo it again.
  3. I did for my last ride (Front grille, headlamp chrome trimmings and rear emblems) Easily DIY. Just need to prep the surface carefully. Intending to do so for my GLC once I sort out if I want to dechrome via wrap or plastidip.
  4. http://【奔驰GLC后雾灯罩 奔驰GLC前护角 GLC后雾灯框 前护角 防撞条饰条】http://v.cvz5.com/h.GAJUre 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥yfXZ056MJF6¥后打开👉手机淘宝👈
  5. http://【奔驰C200L E300L GLC260 CLA180A200 GLA200 E200L全包围汽车脚垫】http://v.cvz5.com/h.GArbPl 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥E2i9056MheR¥后打开👉手机淘宝👈
  6. Looking for good condition set of 20" staggered rims for Merc. AMG original or forged 3rd party brands are welcomed. Please stat your rim specs (width and offsets front rear) and pictures if possible.
  7. From what I read, TPMS in overseas GLC has 2 versions 1) TPMS with sensors installed in all 4 wheels that will show individual tire pressure readings on the car display. 2) TPMS without physical wheel sensors. It reads off rotational differences via ABS sensors. Will not have individual tire pressure display. Will only warn you to check your tires if it detects sudden change in single tire pressure relative to the other 3.
  8. RFT sidewall is stiffer. So you will not see any significant physical deflation signs until too late. Your tire warning diagram looks diffrent from the usual running 3D car model TPMS display. Is that right?
  9. Am using this from taobao. Can see the taobao thread on my mini review.
  10. Boot liner. Fits perfectly. Water proof and flexible material. Only downside is access to the underfloor storage is still possible but because of the liner rubbing against the side of the boot, need more effort to push up the floor board. *pic not mine, grabbed from taobao website.
  11. The so called 2D "flat" star is actually used for cars equipped with distronic plus. the radar is housed just behind the flat plastic star. Of course there are some who change it from 3D to 2D aftermarket purely base on personal preference.
  12. base on the front bumper, exterior should be AMG Line too. SUVs AMG Line don't come with diamond grill.
  13. OIC. BTW, when you added the AMG Line, did they push back the delivery date for you? Mine was pushed 1 month later.