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  1. very nice! definitely droolsome! Too bad I scared warranty issue with CnC....decided to give up on this mod....
  2. yeah better not. I paid a lesson fee as I die die wanted to order to try......threw a set away
  3. Is that for RHD? Apparently the LHD and RHD wing mirrors are slightly different size and shape.... Don't ask me why.. LOL
  4. Yeah, that's why I am kind of pissed off..... Merc can do german precision engineering to build the GLC from scratch.... Yet such a simple job as time keeping loses to a Casio watch.
  5. Yours is slower by a constant magnitude or like 1 minute slower every week till 60 weeks later you are behind by 1hour?
  6. Because of the curvature, will be challenging for the wrapping to be done in a seamless piece. I think some owners here have tried getting those sticker professionals to quote/try already.
  7. Yeah...sound like my problem too.... Yours seem abit worse though. Any idea what could be wrong? Instrument panel problem?
  8. My car is blue, so... Save myself some money for other mods... 😜 Looking for original carbon fibre wing mirror cover though.... Anyone know where to get? Got parts number?
  9. Which part of the rear bench is this? I don't remember seeing this latch when i fold down my rear seat backs. My latch is those that have 2 configuration: 1) when down, the seat backing will be in normal recline angle 2) when up, the seat backing will be more upright, freeing up abit more cargo space.
  10. Anyone noticed that their clock/time tends to slow down over time? Mine is bad enough that I am behind by 1 minute in 1-2 weeks. Keeps needing to reset it every 2 weeks or so. Wonder what is wrong......and I thought a clock is the least complicated stuff to have it mess up like that!
  11. Good sharing! Useful information if I ever encounter such a noise!
  12. This is the seller: http://【2017款奔驰C200L 全新E300L GLC260 GLE320 GLA200全包围汽车脚垫】,复制这条信息¥Dwbt0XmJvGq¥后打开👉手机淘宝👈 Just communicate with the seller. Tell him/her that you are buying for RHD GLC similar to those in Hong Kong. They have template and sold to HK GLC owners before. My suggestion is to ship it in via sea freight combined with other shoppers or your other TB purchase to meet the 1 cubic metre minimum volumetric charge for sea freight.
  13. Mine and Michael's are piano black. Look at the horizontal slate and mercedes star logo surround.