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  1. Bro. Ur steering wheel still available? Tks for the reply.
  2. Can it be use in E250 CDI Diesel engine? Anyone can advice?
  3. Hi. It can be use for W212? If yes please pm me to deal. Thank you
  4. Hi all Just dekit my ride. 2 items to let go. 1. Throttle control (Pedalbox) - for better throttle response. Items bought from Dr Hannson. Used 4 years still in Good Condition . Original price $570.00. Selling $220.00. Cash n carry. Plug n play with manual. 2. W211 original Mercedes cup holder for two cups. (SOLD) Anyone interested please text me at 81001234. Thank you
  5. Hi Bought a brand new W212 Diamond grill. Bought wrong. Cannot fit my standard Eclass. It only fit W212 2014-2016 SPORT MODEL. Any one interested please whatapps or SMS me at 81001234. My lose is your gain. SOLD Thank you
  6. Bro how long you been using?
  7. Bro Sorry for the late reply, will get from you next Tuesday. Thank you
  8. I'm interested in the W211 blade. Pleas PM me.
  9. What is the size? I'm interested.
  10. Bro. Interested  the front grill and the seat rail cover. Please contact me at 81001234. Tks 

  11. Bump... For this week. Still available....