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  1. Hi guys ((: I wanted to convert my 190e to coilovers cause due to my B8 and Lowed spring is to soft and it can't be adjust and keep hitting my undercarriage ): Hope you guys can recommand me some coilovers and shops that i can get it and installed ((: Thank You ((:
  2. Hi guys, any place i can find spacer for 190E??
  3. Oh.. Okey.. Thank you !!((:
  4. Hi bro and sis I'm looking for a good and reasonable price for tyres shop and spacer for my merc. Hope guys can recommand me((: Thank you((:
  5. Saw this 190E with BBS RS !! hope can get this rims in SG!!
  6. Okey, thank you bro!! (: but i got a little problem,cause i got my absorber set outside, so not very sure will they attend to me ?
  7. Hi bro and sis , i'm finding a workshop to install shocks, and do alightment. Any recommandation that is not to highend ?
  8. Thank You bro for the advice , i just get it from benzline B8 with H&R . May i know where is first auto?
  9. Hi Bro and Sis, Does any bro and sis heard any one tuning for 190E (W201) in singapore?
  10. Hi bro and sis(: i trying to find b6 for my 190E but got problem finding it. Any one got recommendation ? Thank you(:
  11. Hi, bro and sis Here to ask is there other scrape yard for mercedes parts other then Propel ?
  12. AMG steering is the classic kind or the new model ? Any picture?
  13. I also hope can convert it to cosworth but the law in SG is too strict about converting and mod. Wow!!! at England the price of Cosworth is so much cheaper then SG . I saw a cosworth on sgcarmart going for 98k cause of the paper value ):
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