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  1. hehe that is not a correction for him cos he enjoys being spanked! heard from pantry lady she dresses up as teacher, and he dresses up as school boy.
  2. this is so disturbing ah... neglect personal hygience all...
  3. sofa and bed where same... or you always kenna kick to the living room sofa to slp?
  4. meowy christmas!
  5. Wow... looks... interesting...
  6. omg she has such a cute, perky butt! i like! and did anyone notice the phallic cactus @ 0:19? lol! 'lean meat with a crusty top' er..
  7. uh-huh.
  8. hmph! show off! >: (
  9. yeah haven't satisfied my craving for BKT yet! mmmmmm mmmmmmm
  10. lol i don't know if the world will end but if it doesn't it will just be another annoying day in history... i don't even want to open my facebook lor. every single post is about how the world hasn't ended.......
  11. hehe... false alarm... go back to sleep...
  12. lol... yeah... who wants to have a BKT date????
  13. haha... lonely and BKT got link one meh...
  14. drool... feel like having BKT now.
  15. this is prettty