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  1. Goldenlink, Pas auto are come of the stockist for benz parts. Any workshop can do the work, not necessary audio shop
  2. Unless the particular car comes with command online option, I think there is no sd or usb
  3. Not sure about the cd changer. I changed my speakers before. U can just buy from stockist and go to any workshop they can change it for you as it is a direct swap. Take note u need to buy the rivets as well because the speakers are riveted on. The old rivets will have to be drilled off in order to change
  4. You can get from any stockist, I get my parts from PAS Auto. I go to my regular workshop at sin Ming which only charge me labour
  5. FYI if your repairs are done by C&C, of cos will have to pay a bomb. on both my s350 and s300 my repairs are usually labour only(got the parts myself), so cost wise is very manageable. Most expensive repair I have done before is replace gearbox valve body, which is close to 3k for parts, labour and programming. Still it is quite ok for this sort of costing.
  6. Nothing scary for w221. Maintenance is very reasonable. Some parts are even cheaper than Japanese cars. airmatic depends on how you drive, if always carry passengers etc. usually will last you at least around 2-3years. door suction even spoilt is optional to replace, cos the door will still close if suction not working. E class deprecation and S class depreciation is not much difference. Why go for E then?
  7. Looking for the oval original exhaust tip. Any bro car going for scrap pls sell me. I need to rear driver side piece. My contact 96841518. Thanks.
  8. Backside itchy again lol
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