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  1. I suspect is the ESL motor burned out which is very uncommon. I did not work on this car nor I seen the car either from SDS or visual.But I did work on a W204 which had this issue. It also could be many other factors such as bad power steering pump, leaky reservoir, bad hose or bad belt. I cannot confirm this is the case I don't think C&C have them in stock thus need to indent. Thus it takes 3 weeks. All cars are bound to failure and new car are more prone to defects due to many factors. 1. The way how it is transported to the factory floor 2. Every item are not inspected visually unlike at the workshop the mechanic will inspect the item and make sure its the correct fit and no damage 3. Damage while in shipment 4. All other factors
  2. You might have to get the air duct steamed, there might be a whole lots of mould that is common in such a humid condition. interior cleaning companies should be able to advise you on this.
  3. A shim plate is the thin metal sheet behind the brake pads, it is usually attached to the brake pads. shown as attached. A cover plate is the metal plate right behind the rotors. Which is between the tie rod and the rotor.
  4. Is not gung-ho it's because labor is very expensive and parts is very cheap.some of the owners in the western countries DIY to save cost. For example changing motor mount and gearbox mount rack me up to 1.1k USD. but his write up is very good can try to do.
  5. @SUV-Lover It's a brake lubrication between the brake Pads and brake shims, with brake lube i am in the us so I always DIY on my ML 55 and GLC300 it won't affect braking performance http://www.aa1car.com/library/2005/ic80560.htm
  6. I have such issue both on my ML w163 and GLC 300 and I resolved it by relubricating the brake pads. It happenes to me only when the brakes are very hot
  7. Actually it is this site https://mbonlineparts.com/splash/index.cfm?siteid=215843 For E250 i will use parts list from E350. Parts are around the same.Some minor differences depends on your specs
  8. Hmm.....Must measure my garage first cos my ML500 is very tight in my garage....... Almost hitting my wall....
  9. Wow that's like my 200k servicing but my car still sitting in my garage.... Cos I have no time to do it..... Just labor alone cost me 3k.....cos I am in US
  10. Yea u won't regret in owning one... On NSHW also can run so no problem
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