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  1. Keen in Gokart but 3pm to 4pm weather will be hot?!?
  2. Your collection time is ard June/July? Still got chance. I will check with my sa tmr also. Mine is April/may
  3. Consider topping up to get the one with AMG line. Price diff not significant. It's worth!
  4. For taxis can. For new cars, don't bother. U can consider our site sponsors or try Revol (they've a branch in the west). Been patronizing them for many years. Just polish once every quarter good enough. Other weekly maintenance such as clean/vacuum, just diy.
  5. I believe walking from one side of the door to another takes 1 min? Think invalid point here?!? Alfart diff, anw thanks for testing it out.
  6. Just changed the car key batt before this happened so I reckon not this issue. Woah burkins who doesn't like but I need my boss to know I still need the job!
  7. Hello Forumers, I’d left my car key on the passenger seat and when I walked over to the driver door, I couldn’t open it at all. All four doors were automatically locked. Was thinking if I can open the car boot, I don’t mind climbing in! Also can’t! The only thing I was holding was my hp! OMFG! Drove my car to C&C. The technician looked at me like some idiot, wanna laugh but dare not laugh at me. He said “Miss, I think your bag is too thick so the car cannot detect your car key! And also when you closed the passenger door, you might have accidentally swiped the door lock. You’re advised to put your car key in your pocket instead of your bag.” Seriously huh got logic?! What if there’s a baby in the car how?! Anyone experienced this before?
  8. What did I do wrong =.= I said u old ginger..spicy what! Hawt! 姜还是老的辣! It's a compliment heehee.
  9. Choy! Old ginger u think too much la. Bring your rubber cable ties on Sunday. Free door gifts for the newbies.
  10. Innocent question sir...simi rubber u have? Got sgmerc logo one? If have huattt liao cos alot of bros will buy! New biz for u!
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