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  1. https://m.sgcarmart.com/directory/listing.php?COM=Varta
  2. Merc OEM is varta. U may use bosch or other brand that can support the capacity for ur car model.
  3. Can apply thinly on wiper or screen.
  4. Think go for A35 better as have the new MBUX. But if u prefer higher HP than 45
  5. Use correct method and can’t lock? Lock is press the small square on the handle. Unlock is fingers over the handle. Try change battery and also insert the key into the key slot to resyn w car.
  6. Maybe check if the rear seats fold down clips are loose? Previously got bros mention the clips loose causing noise.
  7. dun think cnc will do this mod for your ride. you may wish to check with elebest or benzline for 3rd party options. would discourage driver watching news even though during traffic jam.