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  1. Can get from stocklist like goldenlink or pas auto. Just need to quote them your car vin number.
  2. Could be due to the gear oil if using original or 3rd party. Another way is get own original oil and pay just the labour.
  3. The tweeters are plug and play so low risk. But again up to cnc to decide warranty as per any mod.
  4. Same for my previous CLA ride. Was on 18 inch wheel. Try not to go all the way near the stones wheel stoppers
  5. Comfort mode is the default mode after parked for long hours.
  6. Mine was under warranty so not charges. You may want to check price w the workshops if not under Cnc warranty http://www.sgmerc.com/forum/138-general-workshop-modifications/
  7. Drove cla200 previously and have the same turbo issue. Cnc replace the turbo unit and back to normal.
  8. We have a mega meet up coming 16th Dec. Do join us
  9. Congrates and welcome to sgmerc
  10. Could it be wind noise from the windows cos CLA coupe design is more obvious. Or the aircon pipe sound which I encounter before.
  11. Can check w GMS or Benzline for the body kit.
  12. If under warranty should try ask for replacement car or taxi vouchers. My guess is sg traffic start stop cause the gearbox to fail easily... whats ur mileage? Think mine had the issue around 40k to 50k range.
  13. Congrates to ur new ride