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  1. Water condensation?? Can’t be the marks is inside the headlamp and definitely not common...
  2. 👍 hope to see all tomorrow for the meet up!
  3. Rem to take photo after the new mod.
  4. Try check with sonic racing or Elebest
  5. If u stay near the east, you may want to consider chip soon. Do a search and see if the workshop suits you. if possible, try get another workshop quote before commit to any high cost repairs.
  6. is yours on stock or sports suspension? not sure if that will increase the wear rate of the mountings. nowadays when i go over humps also try to slow down more. haha.
  7. Check with grooming workshop? Maybe need to use those fine grooming tools to “buff” instead of hand polish.
  8. Wah. I recall my mounting change around 50k mileage w cnc FOC. Urs 60k should be still under warranty to claim it? Unless ride already more than 3 years.
  9. Nice photo shots! Do join us for the coming meet up on 17th if possible.
  10. Nice photo shot. Misaligned tail light?!?
  11. Looks a bit like brabus front spoiler. But likely need to have AMG bumper to fit.
  12. If u park outdoor mostly then maybe weekly wax package might be more cost effective compared to PPS with just weekly wash.
  13. Likely ur car is coated w sealant when delivery. Depends if u park outdoor often then may need to do sealant again before end of 1 year.