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  1. Maybe check if the rear seats fold down clips are loose? Previously got bros mention the clips loose causing noise.
  2. dun think cnc will do this mod for your ride. you may wish to check with elebest or benzline for 3rd party options. would discourage driver watching news even though during traffic jam.
  3. Which brand quoted? $500 seems high for W204. You may wish to search for agm battery in the forum to get the supplier infor which some members have change with before.
  4. Normally buy 4 pieces should be cheaper overall? For safety, best to change all.
  5. Does ur head unit support CarPlay? Think use Waze or google map also gd. 👍
  6. The new A class is using the latest head unit. Guess you got to check w the workshops to see if they done any for PI models
  7. Need to check if your car is the newer head unit which can support the navi function. U can try check with Elebest or benzline for map install.