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  1. You may check price with chip soon / Benzline or autosprite
  2. You may want to check with stockist like golden link or auto pas for the part.
  3. Try reset the sensor and drive a while to see if error returns? Else better to visit your tyre shop again to check.
  4. Nice ride and car plate!
  5. Think hard to use Lemon law cos it is still under warranty and AD honor the repairs. Maybe those familiar consumer law can advise. u can try complain and request for more service credits for the inconveniences.
  6. I think is 2015/2016 models onwards. Mine is 2014 so can't support.
  7. Depends on wat kind of servicing you require. U may just give them a call on the labour charges on the servicing required.
  8. U will get faster reply if to call them instead.
  9. No stuck toto leh...
  10. If not going for performance braking needs, the stock pads should be fine and cost effective.
  11. Yup. Can opt for Mobil 1 at cnc which cost slightly now. Tested before and feel the same as the shell ultra.
  12. First time heard can bring own parts for servicing. Which service centre?