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  1. Likely he got it when order w car. U may check w well known tyre shops if they have same design or can import in for ya.
  2. Got check under the rear boot got any loose item? Ha.
  3. https://www.hydrographics.com.sg/ think Elebest or Benzline have the console panel
  4. Could it be the rear seats fold down lock is loose? Rem some GLC had this issue and resolved.
  5. Saw taobao got sell thos film to protect w205 console. Alternative is to hydro print or change the console panel to the ashwood design.
  6. You may call Stockist like min Hoe or goldenlink to check stock and price.
  7. for me is warranty period over.
  8. I have also changed but CLA still win my heart for exterior design look.
  9. Mine was painted by YAS previously. No removal of calipers and was done in half a day job. But spray painting will look better close up.
  10. Nice! Ur rim default is 2 tones? How much for the c43 spoiler?