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  1. My previous CLA DCT was 7L if not wrong. E class Gtronics maybe need more. Another way is get opinion from another workshop.
  2. Think at least 18” or 19” for GLC looks better.
  3. Dun think so unless the rims caused the car to malfunction. Now service outside during warranty period also no void.
  4. bought mine with install at benzline. $50 if not wrong
  5. Welcome. There is meet up tonight if u can make it.
  6. I go to mbm at sin ming. Can bring own parts.
  7. if cnc does provide used car check and is under warranty should be quite ok i presume.
  8. welcome and congrats to your new ride.
  9. The red rings stick on and diamond grill can get from Taobao.
  10. Think latest is v7 for SE map https://sg.carousell.com/p/map-update-ntg5-for-glc-c-s-class-2018-2019-172478327/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Felebest%2F&ref_sId=2731833