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  1. Lol. I used it for my esso speed tag.
  2. Amg line actually quite the same between US and UK specs. some region may throw in additional addon like sunroof /navi etc. Amg line is more of the sporty mod over the avantgrade and dun really replace the real amg bodykit completely Amg line also consist of interior trims which outside workshop may not be able to provide.
  3. Should be this
  4. W205 C63 amg kit front bumper is diff from normal amg line kit if not wrong.
  5. Nice red BKK
  6. Welcome twisterstorm!
  7. Welcome Jimmy! The decal is FOC and u may collect in the next meet up.
  8. ? Looking for real part or ok with replica? Taobao should have plenty to orde.
  9. last servicing is at 15K? maybe can do it at 27K? i normally service at 10K to 12K interval as SG traffic too many start stop and hot weather.
  10. think 30k onwards to change should be normal. the brand of your current RF? wun void warranty for normal tyres unless ur tyre causes something to fail which is unlikely. i changed to normal tyre around 20K plus cos cant stand the road noise.
  11. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=1186