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  1. Nice. Which brand u using? Think my friend used those oem type and it does not last long
  2. Yes. Think models year 2014 should have. my previous class w203 also have.
  3. means that the wheels on the back of the vehicle are a different size than those on the front. Wider wheels are usually run on the back
  4. dun think for wear and tear item they will provide such details. some bros bought the ctek battery to test and charge their battery
  5. Wats the damage bro?
  6. jtang is correct. This feature is mentioned in the manual.
  7. Then no choice already. Better to check with outside workshop to compare price before change with cnc. Try Benzline or sonic racing.
  8. Yes. Likely varta oem with merc branding sticker.
  9. KPE? Dun really feel it and my Wife/gal sleeps soundly when going to town using KPE. Try the tire gel solution. Solves the wiper issue.
  10. Still under warranty? If under warranty, go bang table and email to Daimler see how they reply.
  11. Depends on the car design and overall branding I suppose.
  12. The cnc sealant so so only. U can go outside sealant after use up the sealant credits.