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  1. Wah.....I newbie also....who to contact har.....lol......
  2. Bro, my car lao kok kok lar....lol Happy New Year.... Huat Ah
  3. I can understand Adam's frustration. I also concur with Ah Bui's statement.... At the end of it...take it in your stride, enjoy your need ride....don't think too much the additional time is for you to consider what mods you can do.... Drive with/to good health and prosperity.....
  4. Wah....so nice to see so many going for the run.... Remember to off your walkie when going through Custom.... Drive Safe
  5. Bro referring to the E Hand Brake
  6. Bro, got as denwee to increase/upgrade the battery size and motor size? Bigger Better Badder.....
  7. I don't think fogging is normal. CNC changed my bros headlight after he complain of fogging 1 day after collection....all done FOC.
  8. Can go to Autobacs to buy the seal. Cut out the length and stick on the pillar first to try. iirc, 2 blue note is all it takes. No need to remove the original seal at this trial an error stage. Good luck.
  9. C&C can also mean....Cash & Carry....so yes....nothing is free...
  10. May I add to this.....the higher the mountain, the closer to GOD......
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