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  1. @Jimmy Goh Can you feel the vibration when holding your steering wheel? If yes, maybe it's engine mounts worn off...
  2. Not so sure about a MB specialty workshop there but when you say Alexandra Village first reliable workshop that comes to mind is Exquisite Marques.
  3. Congratulations! And no there's no such thing as mod without breaking warranty. After you mod, technically your warranty isn't broken. It's only after some fault occurs and C&C attributes it to your mod that your warranty breaks.
  4. Just tap once on the mic icon? A prompt will appear asking you to say your destination.
  5. When I was driving my SLK it reacts better to Caltex. Tried all brands when the car was brand new. Caltex gave the best mileage and power feel.
  6. Wow I'm very impressed!
  7. @tonyhawk Battery Empire's quote seems excessive.
  8. You can get C&C to update their system if you're the new owner as the Onemotoring log card will prove your ownership.
  9. Awesome exhaust! Up for you...
  10. Comes free with the car so I'm not complaining...
  11. You can consider our site sponsors Infratint and Absolute tint. Personally I use Absolute tint and don't have any GPS issues.
  12. Weak batteries can potentially cause a myriad of errors... Worth checking your battery when too many systems fail at the same time. Rarely do our cars' systems break down all at the same time.