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  1. Wow I'm very impressed!
  2. @tonyhawk Battery Empire's quote seems excessive.
  3. You can get C&C to update their system if you're the new owner as the Onemotoring log card will prove your ownership.
  4. Awesome exhaust! Up for you...
  5. Comes free with the car so I'm not complaining...
  6. You can consider our site sponsors Infratint and Absolute tint. Personally I use Absolute tint and don't have any GPS issues.
  7. Weak batteries can potentially cause a myriad of errors... Worth checking your battery when too many systems fail at the same time. Rarely do our cars' systems break down all at the same time.
  8. @Dennis Choon Can you make it bro? There's a meet up at Kallang Leisure Park in front of Burger King this Friday June 2 from 9.30pm.
  9. @Dennis Choon Hi bro, sorry but I've ran out of decals on my end. The easiest way to obtain the decal is to join us in our next meet-up. Alternatively, once I get my hands on more decals I'll PM you.
  10. Good to know! Thanks for clarifying!
  11. Piecha exhaust sounds nice but I think it's not LTA friendly (correct me if I'm wrong please). Up for the seller!
  12. Since it has @Carbonrevo_Lawrence all over the photos, I suppose you could get it installed there @CarbonrevoLawrence
  13. A tad scary to try something like this from Ali Express IMHO.
  14. Anymore members interested? Please fill up your names so that we can confirm the interest and proceed into production. Thanks! @MercZai ♫ Loüis ッ where's your name bro?