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  1. Should be fine to change oil as per manufacturer advice. Newer cars are built with necessary processing logic and controls to limit engine wear regardless new or or old engine - as long as all sensors function. My second new merc now and I dont have problems with changing out oil after first 15K for both cars. Having said that, I do not rev much, probably only once above 3.5k rpm..
  2. just curious if JSnoob is still driving the W124 and COE expiry is in a months time...
  3. Quick update, i was able to get 739km on 62L of SPC 95. I am doing my usual average speed of 33Kmh. My C class typically gets 780+ but I am already pretty impressed with the efficiency of the E class having a much more powerful engine and heavier chassis.
  4. Finally, I start my first tank on the weekend after collecting the car late Dec. Am getting a reading of 8.1l/100Km with 176km travelled so far on the fresh tank. Car is all stock and I am not driving aggressively since it still needs some run in but excited to see the FC I would typically get from the E200 for my route and drive style..
  5. Side question, do both 3D and 3M car mats come with the new car? I still hadn't received any mats for my W213 that was collected Dec 23..
  6. The stock Merc mats are softer to rest soles on but more slippery than 3D mats. The 3D mats are more contoured to the car and should last more than 3 years of use.
  7. For me, practical uses for Park Assist would be parallel parking only if I feel the space is insufficient w my own parking skills but the system thinks otherwise or a head in perpendicular parking in a relatively tight spot. In the latter case I would usually give the spot a miss since I wouldn't want to leave a scratch/dent in tight spots. There's really few scenarios I'd be using this feature in my case..
  8. Ok just checked w my SA and he says my version does come with the latest active parking feature. I am curious to know if anyone here upgraded to the latest distronic option?
  9. My SA did not mention Active Parking and i assumed it is an optional feature in the C&C e-class. My W205 has the auto park feature and yes it requires human intervention with gear shift.. Truth is, in the last 3 years, I have only used it once just to see that it works.. IMO the C-Class is an awfully easy car to park. What I do know that comes with the E200 is 360 deg camera, that one is pretty good to avoid those nasty curbs on Singapore roads.
  10. Nice. This is the 2019 model with the black emblem. Did your SE say the steering wheel is also from 2019 model? I was hoping it would be one w silver dials instead..
  11. Interesting that I did not pick that up with the steering wheel position when test driving. Am driving w205 for 3 years now and getting used to the compact interior.. not sure if Id feel this gap when the new car arrives. Is yours a C&C car and does the burnester rotary tweeter affect warranty? It looks cool just not sure how much it improves sound quality and concerns over warranty..
  12. Congrats. Nice choice of color. I know the 2019 ver comes w new steering wheel. And i supposed E250 comes w staggered wheels, do make some pics to share
  13. Aliexpress sells the widescreen cockpit but Chinese version only it seems.. Installation of the digital cockpit can be diy'ed if the English/International version can be sourced.
  14. Nice! Looks like the brows on the front headlamps for the GT R, A and CLA are all getting the same fierce look.
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