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  1. I was on 98 all the way for my previous ride advised by the manufacturer because it is a turbo charged FSI engine. However, my sales person confirmed 95 is sufficient for the w205 even though it is turbocharged..Btw I have taken 3 more readings and the average consumption is 12.6km per litre. Not too bad as the engine seemed to have run in.
  2. The other day I absentmindedly left my key fob in my laptop bag which I conveniently stash in the boot.. When i tried locking the car, it wouldn't and that's when I figured I did not have the key w me. Boy was I relieved..
  3. Digging up an old thread. Wondering if anyone owns a w123 in this forum? Hows the maintenance like? Fuel consumption? Insurance?
  4. Collected mine on Jan 9th. Good delivery experience, was initially confused with the Audio and Command system but got used to it in 2 days - realised the offering on the c180 is actually quite bare. Changed out my wheels on the same day to the 5 spoke AMG 18 inchers. Still enjoying the look of it on the ride.
  5. My first tank yields ~10km/L Doesnt sound fantastic at all for a 1.6L car with 70% highway driving. I am going to monitor more to be fair..
  6. On the day of collection, my Sales person advise to set the air distribution direct at the driver/passenger - this would prevent air from being channeled onto the windshield. I have not tried but I do have the same misting problem on mine windshield here.
  7. Time flies, collecting my ride this Saturday. First mod, will be changing to 18" AMG 5 spoke wheels on the same day.
  8. Sweet and looks awesome with the 5 spoke wheels! Congratz
  9. The 3 month wait is still bearable, after all I have my car to drive - not complaining much. It irks me once the car is registered and insured in my name that C&C hadn't place customer interest first by minimising the gap. My current car was delivered same afternoon it was registered - and its not a PI car.
  10. Does anyone know from their SE what the 2 - 3 days are for? If to install solar film, paint protection etc, I would have thought these could be done before LTA registration. Being a company that carries premium brands, the C&C mgmt could do better by closing this gap.
  11. Does anyone recall how long is the waiting time between registration and collection of your car from C&C? I was told it'd take 3 days to 'do up' the car - this internal process of C&C does not seem at all customer centric.
  12. Have 5 bottles of Castrol Edge (5 quart each) to let go. Ordered previously from Amazon for my current car but since its traded in and waiting for my new merc to arrive, I am letting go at SGD50 per bottle. Product details: 42 percent better rating on fighting power robbing deposits Superior engine protection vs conventional and synthetic blend oils Superior performance against deposits, wear and oxidation; Bottle Color: Black Meets BMW LL-01, Mercedes Benz 229.5 and 229.3, Porsche A40, VW 505.00 and 502.00, Ford WSS-M2C937-A, PSA B71 2296 API SN/CF, ACEA A3, ACEA B3, ACEA B4, A3/B4 certified Pls whatsapp nine67three.9nine.three3, deal in the East. Thank you.