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  1. Tomorrow arranging car towing service to chip soon. Sigh......
  2. Since started, thought I wanna share one more bad experiences with them. Sometime back, my Car stalled and cannot start. Towed back to them. They replaced my fuel pump. Then called me said still cannot start. Then found out its crankshaft position sensor faulty. Had it replaced and work done. My point here is in the first place, is the fuel pump really spoilt or they just changed to trial & error! After changing the fuel pump then they realized still cannot. Again I read in some other forums there are ways to test if the fuel pump is working instead of just change and try. Collected my car, on my way to pick my wife, car stalled again in nicoll hway while slow moving (jam). Hazard light on, waited 1 or 2 mins, managed to start again. Straight away drove back to Zen. Then they replaced another new crankshaft position sensor, claiming the supplier given them inferior quality parts. Next day, car ready for collection and lasted for almost 3 months. Same problem happened again. I am not going back to them anymore.
  3. ML. Two more bad experiences with them, but too long to write.
  4. Zen auto used to be economical but not now anymore. Used to frequent there and realized had become their carrot! Started with knocking sound on front driver side under carriage while driving over uneven roads. Went to them, they told me it's engine mounting so I changed engine mount + gearbox mount. Then sound still persist, went back. This time they changed my 4 shock absorber. Still problem exist. Went to do some research from other MB forums and read something about lower control arm. Went back to them to get lower control arm changed for front driver side, finally problem solved. Cost me a bomb as their guinea pig. Then came tailgate problem with limit switch faulty. Tailgate motor working, able to close but unable to full latch. OBC shows tailgate not closed. Went to them, ended up motor spoilt but limit switch repaired. Then they said my motor is not working well thus when they replace the switch, motor broke down. Also changed my two tailgate absorbers at the same time and worst of all, charged me 850 for programming! Total bill ended up 1800+ for a faulty switch in the beginning. Frankly, I don't understand what programming needs to be done for tailgate! Even if so, why 850! And also now they are GST registered for info. Now trying out Chip Soon.
  5. Possible bad crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor. Eventually your ride will stall and can't start. Cranking but won't start.
  6. Hi bros, I am new here and just got my W164 (2009 model). Thinking of upgrading my head unit from the old black screen (audio 20) to some quality after market set with touchscreen, GPS, integrated Bluetooth etc. Any recommended audio shop I can go? TQ. Rol
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