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  1. Selling my 1 year old AMG steering wheel without airbag. Please pm me if interested
  2. Hi all, I have 1 piece of each diamond and GT grille for GLC AMG bodykits. Do let let me know if interested. letting go for $150 each!
  3. bro. your steering wheel selling? the 3 spoke carbon design one. if avalible can text me at 97657697

  4. Better go and check, last time i ignored the message and had to spend more as it started eating into my brake disc instead. that was a pain in the ass
  5. hahahaha i totally understand the waiting feeling.... just remember... good things must wait =]
  6. Should be those that come with AMG options, (if u selected amg line). Just checked mine, it is OEM Brembo =].
  7. Nah wanna go with black caps for now. these caps cover the nuts as well, i cant find the red ones with it.
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