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  1. Met up yesterday to do installation as well. Was very quick and professional! Thanks bro, everyone pls support!
  2. Can share price and contact too please? Looks awesome by the way!
  3. bro. your steering wheel selling? the 3 spoke carbon design one. if avalible can text me at 97657697

  4. Hey bro, you want to sell away your 2D star with the black ring? Haha
  5. Better go and check, last time i ignored the message and had to spend more as it started eating into my brake disc instead. that was a pain in the ass
  6. hahahaha i totally understand the waiting feeling.... just remember... good things must wait =]
  7. Should be those that come with AMG options, (if u selected amg line). Just checked mine, it is OEM Brembo =].
  8. nope, they sprayed red and pasted the sticker for me hahaha save money
  9. Nah wanna go with black caps for now. these caps cover the nuts as well, i cant find the red ones with it.
  10. Thanks for the referral bro... did my calipers with them today. Really love the results!