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  1. Had exported my 2008 W204, selling below items: 1) New unused AMG replica pedals - $70 2) Original new W204 C180 Mark - $40 3) Used Original RH FL W204 Front lamp - $100
  2. Chip Soon near to Tampines Safra
  3. Thks for sharing JB lobang. My W204 ESL failed and I had the car towed to CS Tampines and $1.4k poorer to replace a new ESL. No chance to start up the car to drive to JB. I'm considering to renew 10yrs COE for my W204 end the year. It's $20k PARF + $50k PQP, depreciate $7k per year for a Merc C180. But may need to go JB to check/repair wear and tear. Does the JB workshop specialised in Merc repair?
  4. Can try Tye Soon or PAS auto
  5. Just gone to my regular tyre shop and was informed there is PSS on 225/45 R17 size. Previously only avail for 18" onwards for Michelin PSS. Most likely will swop out my CSC5 which only left 10k thread to go on my 2008 W204. Was quoted $225/tyre, anyone knew any better deals?Also contemplating sound proofing on the rear boot well on dynamat extreme, think will just swop tyres since PSS available before deciding on soundproofing
  6. Now on CSC5 stock 17" rim. Few of my friends recommended PS3. But will let to ask anyone try Michelin Primacy 3 ST comfort tyres, only $160 per tyre
  7. One of my friend is asking me to look out for a pre-owned Scirocco for him despite all the big hooha over the 7DSG. His reasoning was the ROC is a babe magnet and don't mind potential downtime. Can see the yearly depreciation for a ROC 1.4 only asking $11k similar to some jap bnb makeEnjoy your W205.
  8. At $300 per pair most likely is taiwan OEM. I paid $900 for a pair of new orig Merc Rear LED lamps. My 2008 PFL to FL rear LED doesnt require extra module. But there is a rear backlight at the lower LED which is annoying to me and was solved later.
  9. Congrats Can see you're very active in mycarforum. Btw, what's your previous ride?
  10. PS3 is selling for $165. Current tyres on CSC5 thinking of changing, did anyone consider or have swapped to PS3? I would love to have PSS or even CSC5P, but really pricey. My CSC5 though manufacture date "0913" tyre is roaring. Looking at sound proof my w204 rear boot well to see any improvement b4 tyre change. Can't believe my wifey Honda SUV is a much quieter ride compare to a MERC, could be due to the Michelin Primacy tyres I've changed for her, but it cost $400 per tyre due to not so common OEM 18" tyre size. Anyone has put on Michelin Primacy 3 ST 225/45/R17 for their W204, seems to be inclined towards comfort/quietness. Saw a workshop in [email protected] selling at $160/pc. Any review?
  11. Was pretty annoyed with the illuminated back light the past 6 mths after installing the new original FL tail lamps which is my very 1st mod after getting this pre-owned W204. After saw Max posting, quickly headed over to his workshop to get it fixed. No replacement to FL SAM module required or any signal convertor kit required. Now my PFL to FL W204 conversion, both front/rear look identical to FL model now.
  12. I paid $650+ for 2008 W204 orig key replacement from C&C. Need to wait 3 weeks after indent from Germany. It cost $630+ in dec'14, price has gone up slightly
  13. Could be this :-