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  1. If it is a Loud rattling sound, you may want to check your timing cam. Is a normal issue for kompressor
  2. Better pay a bit more to reputable body kit shop that is able to provide good fitment and painting. Just had a very bad and nightmarish experience with a Carousell seller who promised quality assurance with good fitment and paint work but did such a poor job that my car is ruined and I need to pay and go elsewhere to redo everything with more down time
  3. Do you have an in car camera that got advanced drive assistance system (ADAS)? Some in car cam with such function may have this warning
  4. Check the timing cam. It will be ratting during cold start if it is bad. W204 C180k is generally a very reliable car with accessable parts. Wear and tear parts to replace are radiator hoses, bushes, engine mounts..
  5. Which inspection center did u go? I faced this problem at vicom kaki bukit but I went other company inspection center and I passed with the same condition
  6. Sorry to revive this topic. Anyone managed to solve the touch pad issue for pi car? Software upgraded ?
  7. Looking to sell my ride, due to the need of having a bigger car now. C&C Special Edition With Panoramic Roof. Powerful & Responsive 1.8L Inline 4 Supercharged, 5 Speed Auto Transmission. Sport Steering With Paddle. Stage 3 tuned with upgraded supercharger and crank pulley with LTA approved exhaust. https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=830454&DL=1000
  8. Let me know if any bro have one for sale
  9. You can chose to wrap it with black sticker or dechrome by plastic dip. Quite alot of pple can do if you search on line. For sticker, SGC (Johnson) sticker at Ubi is quite popular
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