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  1. You can chose to wrap it with black sticker or dechrome by plastic dip. Quite alot of pple can do if you search on line. For sticker, SGC (Johnson) sticker at Ubi is quite popular
  2. Upz. Drop to $299 for a quick sale.
  3. Is it a kompressor? Check the kompressor charge pipe. It might be leaking hence the car is losing boost.
  4. So u replaced? Any diff
  5. So which workshop to change the super charger oil ?
  6. Strange, My mech say no need to change at all. So dont know who is right or wrong. So far also dont hear anyone who had changed it. If yes, can i check where and how?
  7. Up
  8. Hi any one got kleemann or similar aftermarket Exhuast header to sell for w204 kompressor ? msg me at 91990700
  9. BNIB.Original Mercedes chrono sport watch. never worn before since getting it as a gift as 43mm looks small on me. See link for info. Getting go at $420 neg.. Msg me at 91990700.
  10. I have an original w204 muffler which Ractech had operated professionally with a sporty bassy Exhuast note. No problem with inspections. I had 2 chrome tail pipes for left and right side of bumper to compliment the muffler. 300 for whole - set no need swap so u can keep ur stock. Msg me at 91990700.
  11. Any one have LTA approved Fox or Nap quad exhaust to let go for w204 Kompressor, do let me know. Please whatapp me at 91990700. However as I be outstation for a week, I may be slow in responding. Thanks!