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  1. Where the sg wrkshop. I guess this one most pple need. Lolz
  2. Wats the milage? Care to share?
  3. Golden link auto. and btw u knw wat engine sensor u talking abt not? If nt then leave it to the wrkshop will be better.
  4. Never close properly is it? Maybe dun so gentle when closing if u dunno where the 2clip location.
  5. Stated as above, a,b,c,e, cla class can fit. Pcd 5x112. Front tyres thread abt 60% rear tyre thread abt 35-40% Rim have some kerb rash. (Can be repair so no issue) Some pics for reference. Contact me at 9-758-6500
  6. Sold tq for viewing
  7. IMG_7358.MP4
  8. Nt impt right? Malaysia n sg desiel at least euro 4 n above alrdy
  9. ils... Parking skill can brush up one. ils no way to replace,
  10. No need engine brake. Leave it at "d" can alrdy
  11. No need engine brake. Leave it at "d" can alrdy
  12. now now... this is the good old boys type of "contra". cheat code. UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, select, START
  13. No pic how to consider? Pcd?
  14. see ur nick, confirm a lot pple knw u. lol. cheers.