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  1. Nt impt right? Malaysia n sg desiel at least euro 4 n above alrdy
  2. ils... Parking skill can brush up one. ils no way to replace,
  3. No need engine brake. Leave it at "d" can alrdy
  4. No need engine brake. Leave it at "d" can alrdy
  5. now now... this is the good old boys type of "contra". cheat code. UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, select, START
  6. No pic how to consider? Pcd?
  7. see ur nick, confirm a lot pple knw u. lol. cheers.
  8. wow!!!! y spark u off buying a manual? I also think u are the only one. that's cool... real cool. the throw clutch feel.. lol..
  9. good to hear that..these days diesel engines can auto clear air lock, so no issue gd gd
  10. I guess any workshop outside also have..
  11. plenty of c class owner with 19'' I guess, so it shld be possible with the new w205 I guess. u could had just gotten the car, and buy the rims u like outside.. shld be cheaper?
  12. c180. which means in usa buy c63s cab comes with free c250 = to sg x1 c180 cab
  13. I guess have la... perhaps few only ar. the price see liao also very pretty.
  14. Updated list: Hi SGMercs friends, ABM has kindly invited us for a group photoshoot at their new showroom @ 20 Jln Kilang Singapore 159418 on the 3 Dec 2016 (sat) - 5.30pm We have slots for 30 Mercedes Benz for this exciting and innovative photoshoot, kindly state your interest below with your MB Model and color pics credit - Autobahn & Preston Shaw 1) Keltanky - W124 - Silver 2) Rick - X156 - Black 3) Mark - W204 - Black 4) David - C117 - Black 5) Kim - W204 - Frozen Grey 6) Pierre - C117 - Black 7) Moo - W205 - White 8) Jeff - W211 - Indium Silver 9) JM - C117 - White 10) Delwin - W176 -Red 11) Aizen - W176 - mountain grey 12) JonX - w205 -Palladium Silver 13) Stan- W205 - Red 14) niccc - W176 - silver 15) mel - w204 - dark blue 16) Seng Yong - C117 mountain grey 17) kean Ho- w205 polar white 18) gin -w204 p.silver 19) SGmercs moderator 20) SGmercs moderator 21) SGMerc moderator 22) SGmercs moderator 23) Heegan (nick S65LAMG) - W221 - black 24) BTD - W221 - grey 25) asiadj - w204 - black 26) 27) Randy W221 silver 28) 29) 30)
  15. I'm nt affiliated, nor linked, nor get paid by this above said dynotechnica. I guess alot pple knw him too. Boss benny. I've nt engage his service before, as i have my own preffered tuners, n wrkshop. But truthfully, human n human, there were always like & duns. And usually the negatives side were always caused by misunderstandings, etc. honest means honest, good means good, regardless how the story tweak, eventually truth will always resurface. So time will tell. I dun knw them very detail. Boss benny n dynotech. But truth is they have been in this line for long, long enugh for so many dislike to bring them down too. But, i believe they're doing well. If really no gd, also won't last so long. Same goes to all realationship. Just wanna say something fair nia. No offenece to all bro, n sis here. Like it or nt, hard to please everybody, biz is tough, gd one will preserve n move forward. I think cannot say tat admin n mods protecting biz owner. I'm nt admin neither mods. I just tot it shld be fair. So really no offence to haters n owners.