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  1. I switch from a w204 to w213 e250. Sounded much quieter and i dont hv issue about engine noise when inside. Pick up is superb after tuning by MT. Been driving using only comfort mode as it is already enough for overtaking in singapore driving. Sports plus becomes a bit scary because pick up is too fast for me. Might be suitable for ns highway run though. No regret choosing e250.
  2. You should give monster tune a try. They can remove the remapping for u when u send the car for servicing and reinstall it thereafter. I m with them for the past 5 years. Cant live without the tuning and u get better fuel efficiency too.
  3. Should go to pandan loop service centre if possible. They hv the best service amongst the service centre. I live in the east but will always send my car to pandan loop.
  4. I am getting 10.4l per 100km. But i am on 17" loan rims. Use to get about 11l per 100km on the same set up before i got it tuned by Monster Tune. Driving 40% highway
  5. Hi bro,

    Where do you buy those steel door pin?

    1. Paladin


      I just bought them from aliexpress. Still waiting for delivery. I

    2. Merc Fan

      Merc Fan

      Thank you for your information. Are they made in China?

  6. Paladin

    CLA180 AMG Line

    Wow, u r fast with the rims. Nice g25👍
  7. Congratulation. Enjoy the car. I love the 360 camera n the automatic boot. These r things that i wouldnt hv added on if they were optional item.😊
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