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  1. Thanks for the details, hope this time, C n C get it right! Finger cross!
  2. Hi SUV-Lover, Thanks for the updates! Would you be able to advise what exactly is the brake system or shim plate they replace and if they did only on the front or rear? Thanks,
  3. Hi Rick, Thanks, had PM you my contact!
  4. Hi all, I would like to pick up another decal for my second car, any advise where I can do it, residing at north. Thanks.
  5. For those bought from C n C, changing to ceramic bake (dust free) means giving up warranty on brake pad by AD. I had also wanting to change to see if the screeching sound can be eliminated permanently, certainly embarrassing to the max with such new car.
  6. From late Feb 2016 till early December, a cool 10 months, I believe we are the same shipment, as in 2nd batch from the launch by C & C! I collected on the first week of December, stain on the chrome strips that lined the windows, probably due to water mark, waiting for replacement from Pandan workshop, andchu, do you have the same issue as me?
  7. Thought they are phasing out the current C-class such as C180 and left C200/C250, still got another styling package come out?
  8. Sorry, my bad, a typo there, is PI, parallel importer. For the price, i did not ask them. Should not be cheap since new arrival!
  9. Yup, new E-Class model coming, PL had already starting to take order for stock coming in around May.
  10. When is the new B class launching at C n C?
  11. Good weather, encouraging turn-out, had a great time today and meet many like-mind friends, thanks to the organisers for the successful GTG, looking forward to next.....!
  12. 1) 3 chio bu team 2) Mem0ry27 ( first time joining) 3) Barney (wear passionwins polo-tee got special or not?) 4) snsd555 5) Phang (aka Ah Phang) 6) Lcohol 7) jes 8) ClearVision 9) Unker Batam 10) Red Baron 11) Desmond Choo 12) HYM 13) kclee99 (virgin) 14a) JACK 15) jon 16) Max 17) Machi 18) Bran 19) Skywalker 20) DIY_MERC 21) Berrie (TBC) 22) androoler (First-time, waited since 2 mths ago) 23) AlanLim (TBC) 24) NafWoof (1st Timer) 25) Tigershark (might turn up) 26) lianghai (1st timer , will try my best to come down) 27) camber53 28) keltanky 29) Cklasse 30) 9339 31) g8crasher 32) yc3333 (confirm plus chop attending, why everyone tbc one?) 33) tuixin 34) Fatboy888(First timer too) 35) andylkkg
  13. I had check with CnC (Ubi) before on the possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the headlight from turning on too frequent when the sky is not even dark, the answer is negative, no way to do that, saying it is dependent on the ...what transcient atmospheric pressure from the sun....somthing like that!
  14. Sound interesting to see the 1.6 turbo can carry the B-class well, saw the initial snap shot of the new B-Clas, is a totally new experience and platform.
  15. Heard too many people booked C180K over the weekend, the price they quoted for this promotion is too small a margin for them to offer too much freebies, nevertheless, if one had not sign on agreement or still in the negotiation stage, can try asking for Commands etc... which cost about 9k to indent! This will be useful then ILS for example unless you keen on the C-class outlook which looked great with ILS for sure.