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  1. Not really .. just some review and all seems ok.Just wanna see what bros here have any negative comment.
  2. Did Nano when i collected my car around Oct but not happy with the result..I'll be trying PolishTiam.. Alrdy booked a appointment.Hope they are good.Anyone have experence with their service?
  3. Iphone 5 works fine for me.. i have the 2 secs mute even with iphone 4 using bluetooth.
  4. Difference is only like 30 to 50 km extra i feel...At least gonna try now and see if it does break the engine or any parts with the constant on/off while i still under warrenty, HEHE.Mostly city driving. Only like 10% of my ride will use highway unless i go to malaysia.
  5. Just to share with everyone on this forum,some of you guys/ladies would have experence this issue and presume it mightbe because we didnt meet the requirement to have ECO on.. When i first got my FL C180, It was always On but after like 2 months.. It starts to be randomly turning yellow. So i brought down to Pandan Loop and have it checked.. It turned out to be 1 of the sensor being faulty and have it changed since its still under warrenty.I do not have that issue anymore after that. Hope this helps for those Bros and Sis reading this forum whose ECO is randomly turning yellow.
  6. K Thank you for feedback..
  7. I have noticed whenever my ECO is turned yellow.. My Hold function does not work as well.. Anyone have this problem beside me ? i am sending back my C180 FL to have it inspected.
  8. Haha i see wrong too.. i thought its Km/L..
  9. C180 1.6 7G-Tronic FL (10.3/100km) Carltax 98
  10. Hi Bubu.. Some members posted it may pass the inspection ..
  11. I was using the Bones 3... But the Bones RS is alot better. Lesser cable and easier to mount.