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  1. I bought my "3M" floor mat from someone here in this forum a couple of years back. Customized with a Mercedes Logo. Abit chiu liao. Thinking of buying again. Can someone share contact(s) of similar seller, or link up me with the thread. Thx a mil.
  2. I've been experiencing random faults whenever I drive my car (C180 W204) at low gear. Alarms such as release handbrakes, inactive airbags etc (See attached). It only happens when I start the engine and move off, normally at carparks. Anyone encounter similar issues. video_2017-06-11_23-03-26.mov
  3. You can try Technic Automotive @Sin Ming Autocare, #04-11. I had mine replaced there. Hope it helps.
  4. Poor business ethics. Just want the money. Couldn't be bothered much about after sales service. They are probably quite similar to those sim lim shops. A lot of hidden cost. Must really read fine prints.
  5. Never never do business with Sg Vehicles Continental Pte Ltd
  6. Yup. park under the sun for a few days or even weeks and it will be back to normal. Happened to me before. But now its gone.
  7. Not the license plate frame lah. Its a mount between the license plate and the front bumper.
  8. Yup. But instead of running around to try find one, I thot of getting some clue here.
  9. Crashed my car today. Lucky for me, the license plate mounting took most of the impact. Need a replacement for the mounting. Anyone know where I can get one locally besides going back to C&C? In case you wondering what I'm talking about, its a piece of bracket in between my front bumper and license plate.
  10. was wondering how often should we send a w2o4 for wheel realignment? Anyone able to advise?
  11. been looking for HUD for my w204 too. Still searching...
  12. same same. No worries. It's meant to squeak.
  13. Was wondering which is the best Credit Card for Shell petrol. Any forumers done any research?
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