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  1. He wiped the area where I stuck my key into.. guess I just got to go back and diagnose again then. haiz. haha, but thanks!
  2. Lol.. Okie, I guess I have not much choice. I was told it could be a car battery issue..
  3. Hi guys and gals.. i have a problem here and need help troubleshooting. When I insert my keys, my car does not immediately detect the keys. Sometimes it takes several tries before it does - i.e. taking the key out and re-inserting. I did not use to have this problem. I took the car to CnC and asked for advice, but all they did was to wipe the sensor in the car and claimed that was the problem. it seemed to get better, but the next day, it was the same all over again - car did not recognise key. i am unsure if this is an issue with the car or my keys. I have attached 2 videos of me using different keys, same issue applies. u'll see that it takes a second try before hearing the 'zap' sound.. any advice would be appreciated... tqtq Key 1 Key 2
  4. haha oei... simi... seriously, drive safe la.. roads are very wet this time of year. mai siao siao... don't always drag hor...
  5. cos old = dry.. so must moisturize more... haha
  6. Hi.. Ruth here Thanks Alvin for organizing the drive.. you were practically the walking GPS who led the pack.. the food was good, company was good.. and weather was good as well thankfully. It was fun to say the least! :-) Happy to have met all u guys. Hope everyone arrived safely... Louis' overshot the exit and we ended up @ the Woodlands exit.. jam like mad. Last but not least thank you Louis for letting me experience your ride... you drive a beast and you drive like a beast... lol... ps. connaught.. your driving is super fierce!
  7. hahaha... 'don't know what the hell taylor swift is congrats ah bui..enjoy
  8. lol.. gucci bag value depreciate so fast... next time, pls buy a 'CHANNEL' bag... wahahah
  9. I like it many many... key feels protected... hehe
  10. Hahaha goodness...auction thread now??? Seems legit....I bid $50.88
  11. Channel bag..interesting.. honey, gucci you get me a birkin, prada please? Loewe you...
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