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  1. Hi rickosw

    Yest i am interested ,please add me in for SGMERC W205  telegraph chat ,My Vel no  is SGA8811K ,Reg 22/8/2016 ,C180 , do let me know what other details you need from me


    1. rickosw


      kindly send over a selfie of yourself holding the merc car key, need to see your face n car plate number91

      rick 91289899 - telegram

  2. My W205 have the following issues 1)Whining Steering when turning - warded for 4 days , resolved 2)One of the DRL inside the headlight not lighted up-warded for 3 days -resolved Fortunately both are within the warranty period Don't encounter this problems on my previous W203 & W204
  3. Hi rickosw, can please add me telegram chat.?

    my contact is 91548181

    Vel :W205

    Vel Reg date Aug 2016

    Vel no SGA8811K

    Any more details you need?


    1. rickosw


      u need to send me a selfie of yourself holding the merc car key, in front of your merc (need to see car plate number)

      send to telegram 

      rick 91289899

  4. Make this mistake a couple of times , if your car is on the move it will shift to neutral
  5. My W205 have the same problem too, the sound seem to occurred after driving for a distance ,exactly the same sound as bro Daofoo video
  6. WTS W205 Original 17" rim ,done 12000km , very good condition ,no kerb rush ,PM me your offer TIA
  7. Drove my W204 for 8 years without major issue except Air con & Radio control switches paint peeling off , probably due to our hot & humid environment
  8. Hi Bro, my W205 from C&C does not have Navi system, understand you have bought GARMIN SEA map pilot , is it plug & play ? if yes can let me know the supplier ,TIA 

  9. My W205 7G also have the issue during cold start,don't have this issue on my W204
  10. Car sold , thanks
  11. Hi bro , car sold
  12. Hi golf7588

    Your AMG Rim still available ? if yes can fit C180 W205?

    1. golf7588


      Yes still available, will be collecting my car only next week, mileage on rims n tyres less then 25k

      let me check with tyres shop n get back to u 

    2. purple_cat


      Hi ,thank you for your reply ,is it a staggered set up?if its sorry ,i prefer front & rear same size 



    3. golf7588


      It’s not staggered 

  13. Hi bro , sold
  14. Hi bro, how much for installation of Garmin map for w205 ?

    1. EleBest


      Max Yao, +6597335000. 

    2. gk777


      Hi Can PM me Garmin Map Pilot for W246

    3. EleBest


      Please send us your car model and YOM to our WhatsApp Max Yao, +6597335000, [email protected] 

  15. WTS ,Pre FL ,Dec 2009 W204 C180 , Super low mileage (35000 ) , Service by C&C till todate , Beautiful original paint work ,Original AMG rim ,Flip up Screen , LED Rear tail light , new road tax