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  1. Hi, wonder whats the damage and does it work with iphone? Thanks
  2. it be great as Superdry proposed. Do keep here infirm and we can go fir the group installation yaty.
  3. Hi, I did it at Chip Soon. Quotation around $2,600 and its a ONE DAY job.
  4. Hi, you know whart? The supplier gave me refun for the purchased. I have written to ask them ," What' s happening" ?
  5. Noted with tks. Between may i know if which workshop / vendors doing the upgrades? Cheers
  6. Well wonder who can i check if its possible for my E250 YOM 2011? Thanks
  7. Hi there. May I check What's this about? Sound interesting. Mine E250 YOM 2011, came with integrate GPS original. Am, I to understand, can AA to link to my iphone to see google maps and also etc? Thanks.
  8. Hi, please advise if my 2011 E250 can have the map done up yet the function not affected? Thanks
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