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  1. 3 mins to our pre-launch. Stay tune! http://facebook.com/soluxury
  2. It's D-3 to our official launch! As part of our countdown celebrations, we will be offering you a sneak peek into our collections for this season! For those who have yet to sign up for our Michael Kors Hamilton Bag giveaway, you can do so by clicking on the link below! Continue to LIKE and SHARE for more chances in our big draw! Stay tuned for more updates! https://soluxury.shortstack.com/Ddx9cX
  3. Any pricing for 17" tyres? tyres = 1 year change right? Anyone can advise? I don't know how to see thread. Only will do rotation when 10k servicing.
  4. Save the trouble. Anyway i too poor to pay full. hahaha.
  5. Isn't PI giving $50k from C&C?
  6. Technic Automotive Pte Ltd 176 Sin Ming Drive #01-05
  7. No problem one la. Hahaha.
  8. Dear members, Click on the following link to get it. This is the direct champaign link. https://soluxury.shortstack.com/Ddx9cX Don't worry, it is not some virus thread. If still scare you also can visit http://facebook.com/soluxury
  9. I highly recommend autotechnic in sim ming. Now move to level 1. Service is good, price very reasonable. I went to level 3 the one specialist in lexus, diagnostic and changing my parts, the same problem with the crank. Only refund me diagnostic fee of $150, parts say change liao cannot return. He wanted to charge me $1400 more to open up the engine to repair, parts i can buy myself. I was thinking really hard but something tells me not to. After deliberating for sometime, I went to the stockist at level 2 to ask them if they can recommend a good and reasonable mechanic. The lexus guy wanted to charge me $1400. I felt it is abit too ex. I already spent $6k on changing parts (they know cos all the parts get from stockist + 2k workmanship). I'm not familiar with car and always get chop. I think they pity me gave me an address. I drove my car to the mechanic, upon hearing the crank, he knew what happen and quoted me $250 for workmanship, parts i buy. I shake his hand immediately and went down to buy parts. The stockist ask me you didn't bargain? I told him I almost wanted to hug the mechanic. $1400 vs $250, I don't even need to think. I have been his customer since then. My brother who owns a logistic company has their trucks serviced in pioneer. His sin ming one mainly serve BMW as boss used to work in BMW as a mechanic. I saw some merc. His mobile gold is $28 per litre. After servicing still got wash car. The only cons, always so many cars there.
  10. It works perfect now. Thanks buddy!
  11. Yes, keyless. It can start after 2-3 press. I thought asking if anyone encounter this problem too.
  12. Anyone has experience? I have changed my car battery 4 months ago, my spark plugs is 1 month old. What else could have happen? At first when i change my spark plugs, it works very well, now i need to press the button 2-3 times to start engine. I am clueless. Any advice for me before i go to a mechanic?
  13. My dad sent me to air port. I forgot to pass him the keys. He drove back from Air port to Jurong. Safe and sound. W212.