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  1. Any bros know where to get CF side mirror cover for W205? Are those that are available on Taobao suitable for RHD?
  2. Anyone knows if any local shop sells the console replacement in CF?
  3. Yes, I used 3M 1080 series wrap after some failed attempts with cheap car wraps from Taobao. The difference in quality is vast.
  4. I pump 1 full tank of 98 every 2 tanks of 95. When the car is on 98, it does feels more willing to go. Has been on Esso all along.
  5. Hi Bros Anyone knows where I can buy 3M Vinyl Stickers for wrapping in small lengths like 1 metre? Online or retail shops. Just need to wrap small interior panels Thanks
  6. I work at woodlands, I feel you...
  7. The red instrument cluster looks great! The red contrasts well with the CF trim. They remove the instrument cluster to wrap? Did they wrap both the inside and outside of the 3 meter covers?
  8. Some of the features on Merc feels a bit "over-engineering". Eco mode must switch off everytime you start the car. Air con circulation have to switch back on every time the car switch it off by itself. Feels like the driver is listening to the car rather than car obey driver. Some features like HID/Xenon comes standard on an asian car but on a B&B Merc you still get yellow bulbs
  9. Went in C&C to check. Advised could be ball bearing or pulley. In the end changed 1 pc of V ribbed belt, $108++
  10. Rich, but lack of social skills.
  11. Thanks for all the inputs. Where to get tyre repair kit that comes with air pump? Any bros seen it in Autobacs before?
  12. Hi Bros Noob query here. If I upsize my rims from 17" to 19", can the stock spare tyre in the boot still be usable? Or have to get new spare? Thanks
  13. After changing to aftermarket exhaust, is it we cannot change back to stock exhaust since welding is needed?
  14. As above, any bros selling a pair of CF side mirror covers for W204 FL? It's the full replacement.
  15. Preferably in matte black with chrome trimmings