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  1. Depending on the road surface materials. It's true certain section of the road could be very noisy especially with the Run Flat Tire. I changed my tires to RFT P7 but is still the same very noisy.
  2. Next time buy from Ang Bro Auto at Sin Ming. They allow you to return unless bottle or parts. I also took 7 bottles of ATF fluid but use only 4 bottles.
  3. Clearing my storeroom. In good working conditions. Hardly used. 1x OSIM uCosy 3D 1x uSqueez Warm Cash & Carry $100 for both
  4. Market pride is around +/- $600.00. You asking for $850 and stated lowballer to stay away. Personally I think is a big insult . You think all Merc member are suckers ??? Go sell somewhere else la
  5. What about C180, W205 ? Any stock & price please
  6. Can still apply Rain-X ?
  7. Try Hong Kong eBay
  8. Anyone know the battery specifications for W205 ? Can recommend a WS?? Thanks in advance
  9. CnC nano is very difference. The new Glass coating is much better because of the Hydrophobic effect. The water doesn't stay on the car. You can tryBlacknano. They having same offer now $300.00 So far I had done 5 car wash.. really good. If you want. Give me your info. Give me your contact number. I can take video this weekend and WhatsApp to you. Daniel 97883316
  10. I will take it. Will collect this sat.
  11. Just did mine yesterday at DC Motor. 9H Glass Costing $300.00
  12. Bro, try calling Vincent Teo 96185133. He got the merc coding machine. He drive round sg to do coding for workshop.
  13. As per CnC. No requirement but it's up to you. You can do it every 5k or 10k. I did it every 15 as per their instruction. Yes there is a sensor .