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  1. Just replaced mine 80A @ $349, bought it from their agent and replace it at Midview ACE.
  2. Anyone purchase from them ?
  3. Item no longer available. Donated to Christian HOME! Thank you
  4. Anyone using this?? Any good ?
  5. You can get the Bosch wipers at Autobacs for W205. I changed mine there.
  6. After testing all kind of screen coating and cleaners trying to get rid of the juddering. I tried this recently and surprising it's working . 1) Rain-X coating and let it dry. 2) After few hours, use normal dish washer detergent with green wool to scrub /wash it. Juddering seem to disappear and Rain-X coating still there.
  7. I tried all kinds of wiper but the results are the same. Still judders. Now I only use Sonax extreme solution for the wiper water tank.
  8. I modified my brackets to use PIAA blades, cost me +$200 but still judders . Waste of time and money.
  9. If you go to bukit batok Autobacs. They should be able to help you. They can transfer the PIAA blades to a compatible bracket. They did that for my W205 but personally I don't think is worth the investment. Not much improvement. I switched back to Bosch during their promotion.
  10. You can just reset it manually on the main console .
  11. Done at Win5 Yishun @ $80.Installer is very careful and detail. Down time 6hrs.
  12. Depending on the road surface materials. It's true certain section of the road could be very noisy especially with the Run Flat Tire. I changed my tires to RFT P7 but is still the same very noisy.
  13. Next time buy from Ang Bro Auto at Sin Ming. They allow you to return unless bottle or parts. I also took 7 bottles of ATF fluid but use only 4 bottles.