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  1. You can actually look at the thickness of the brake pad. The choice is yours. You can replace it when is down to 2-3mm or wait for the sensors alarm. Usually you don't have to replace the rotor. The brake pads should last you 30k to 50k depending on your driving. Mine the alarm came on at around 54k. You can replace it at any workshop. If is after warranty you can consider using dust free pads. Full set of brake pads + sensors will cost you +/- $400.00 - $600.00
  2. If is just brake pads + sensor is around $350 For all. I just changed the back brake pads + sensor with Labour $200.00
  3. For the back brake pads n sensor plus Labour $200
  4. Just changed mine to dust free pad. W205
  5. Finally got it done. The ‘Auxiliary battery’ which is actually a voltage converter unit and located infront of the passenger floor. After changing you need to do a reset. Cannot DIY.
  6. I went to PAS Auto the MD parts supplier. They said is not a real battery. Just a voltage converter. I struggled to locate it. Anyone know where is the location?
  7. Need help ! Can anyone advise where I got get the auxiliary battery for W205? I need to replace it . Thank you in advance
  8. My W205 warranty is ending soon. Last week I send in for servicing and ask CnC to do a full check before my 3years warranty expired. Although the car is working fine they found some issues with electronic board. Down time is a week but they loan me a CLA. For those warranty expiring soon. Better send in for a full check.
  9. My first original set of tires lasted 45,000km. Actually still left 30% but backside itchy. I changed to P7. P7 is very noisy. Maybe I am unlucky. The brand new set of P7 lasted only 8,000km and started to disintegrate. Patches falling out. Just normal driving fetching kid to school. Very disappointed with P7 RFT 225 17"
  10. I am using AGM Start/Stop 80A. You can find them on Facebook under VARTA BATTERY EXPERT or WhatsApp them at 96589770.
  11. Just replaced mine Varta 80A , $394. Can order directly with Varta SG
  12. If you are claiming 3rd party. Easier to do it outside and faster. As long as it's 3rd party claim. You don't have to worry. They will replace every parts. Twice I did 3rd party claim. I just let the workshop take care of everything. Remember to ask for glass coating. Mine is a C180 but I asked for a S 350 for a week.