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  1. Nice ride for CNY!!
  2. U just buy from stockist & top up on your own will be cheaper than thru them.
  3. Car sold. Headlamps given away.
  4. Buy new eom headlamp very much cheaper than original.
  5. Something not right for the light switch. Sometimes when u on the healamp also not lighted.
  6. Will be better if u state your model. If u do a search maybe find some answers to the workshop.
  7. I thot I was quoted $1.8k few mths ago. $900 for brake pads or include brake disc? For outiside include brake pads n disc and using ATE low dust pads.
  8. This with small crack or chip can go for this:
  9. Bro if the k&n filter not taken care properly. The oil in the filter will bring problem to your airflow sensor.