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  1. Nothing wrong la. Just start the car, the on-board computer will do the rest. You think too much.
  2. Saw on FB, effective IOS12, Warez and Google Maps will be made available on Apple Carplay ! Hooray !
  3. W205 a good car ! Dont always believe what you read. Talk to owners are the best. Comment from people whom are not owner are not worth reading.
  4. Me too ! Wiper Juddering is the most irritating of all ! Especially if its rains, its a Merc, you have an oversea guest on-board, and they look at you like WTF !
  5. Search the forum here for recommended workshop. Maybe one with turbo and ECU experience. Alternatively, go back to C&C and get some price shock.
  6. Suggest to visit workshop as its turbo control related. Mostly would just clear the error code and monitor again.
  7. Think more info needed before anyone can make any good suggestion pertaining to the error. Model Car Error code Some pix will certainly helps !
  8. Pls PM me the contact for the aux battery. May need one.
  9. Yeah, seems like the best solution to avoid future complication.
  10. Hi mlee0088, For the tuning box its plug and play. Pretty simple and good power gain. You can request to have it remove when going for servicing.
  11. Yes, its totally possible. Just "pull" upwards and it will come out.