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  1. There must be another solution! Nita, looks like you may have to pay a visit to LTA itself.
  2. Hehe..... seems all W211 with M271 engine will needs to topup these 2 table spoon of power steering fluid by the 8th years. CH_OldMerc , same oil i got the last time from Tye Soon.
  3. My system was previously disable but due to the forceful situation........ no choice had to enable it and to fill up the CNG tanks. Its working normally ; with exception when the fuel level is below 1/2 tank the engine will misfire and shut off the CNG. Had went for a re-inspection and now they are happy. Now, i had to fill-up my petrol tank once its at 1/2 to avoid the misfire and also use up the CNG as quickly as possible. For me its over, but its been a stressful one !
  4. The workshop that remove the parts..... had discard all the parts ? Those with tanks removed, guess the best is to wait/search for an similar car which are due to scrap and buy the the require parts.
  5. Dont know what to say about your situation. You make all our problem seems small now.
  6. 4 years back, C&C also say must import from Germany the parts. Here in Singapore they dont have. *lastly i think the nearest point is Thailand as i saw they also have w211 NGT there running around.