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  1. This solution should be a sticky !
  2. Its pretty normal. It happens to my W211 after a new aftermarket AC filter. The hissing sound comes on and off, its more pronounce in quiet moment (night time..etc). Its usually means the compressor is working hard and circulating the freon in the system. Just ignore it. It shows the AC is working fine.
  3. Piggy bag lor. Contact tuner in the vendor list
  4. Nothing much to expect. Just that collection may not be at C&C but at their Pandan Republic Auto. Sales person will explain lots of stuff on the operation. Open eyes and ears lor. *bring your Iphone or Android phone and asked for Demo on the Carplay/Android Auto function. **if android phone, go download the android auto apk. Install it before you collect. Get the latest version HERE.
  5. Available online for $14 (17.2GB file) : CLA Workshop Manual
  6. If, that is a IF ! My car is still at Republic. Which i doubt it is. Might as well just buy it and scrap yours. After all, mine is a 1 owner, 110+K mileage, well maintained, last batch of the FL W211, no problem (except the stupid NGT recall issue). If not for the NGT recall issue, I would have renewed the COE. *I loved that car !
  7. Just for info. My NGT is with Republic Auto. It may or may not have been sold since its like 1 month already. Lastly i heard its been look at by Uber Ex. Good luck.
  8. Yeah, the E is nice. Same for me too. I like the NGT but due to the thread subject..... no choice. Otherwise would have kept it.
  9. Car engine and the exhaust sound vibrates, it gets transfer to the engine/ exhaust system. Thats why you see exhaust system has flex pipe and rubber mounting. Some time, adjustment (welding, reposition, bending, reshape of cover....etc) needs to be made for after market exhaust system due to under carriage spacing and clearance (Rattling is not normal, and usually means something is in contact). Exhaust specialist should be able to resolve the vibration for you.
  10. As for me, although i had passed the inspection but again LTA had send me another inpsection letter in Nov 2017. (Had total went for 3 inspection in 2017 !) Fed-up, decided to buy a CLA and over-trade at C&C. Case closed for me now with thanks to LTA. *my initial plan is to extend the COE for the NGT.
  11. More like exhaust mount ! Or spacing issue. Suggest to visit Man Exhaust and let them have a look.
  12. Mercedes 3D MAXPIDER car mat for A, B, CLA class Custom molded floor liner. Used for 1 week only, didn’t like it. Original packaging and instruction manual included. New selling at S$350++ My price at S$200 (cash and carry) My loss, your gain ! Spec, features, and other details can be found at product websit below : https://3dcarmat.com.sg
  13. Welcome ! Nice ride. Looking at those headlight makes me miss mine W211.