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  1. Nice write out.
  2. Just take the chassis nos. and give C&C a call.
  3. They probably added some heat resistance lub behind the brake pad shim to eliminate the sound. Common issue and solution.
  4. Swee ! Post pix when car available !
  5. 2014 thread. 4 years liao !
  6. Suggest you add a $ to the post.
  7. What model is your Merc ? Can send for a wrap.
  8. Becomes factory spec loh.
  9. Just my preference, ..... i dont like the 3D Maxpider.
  10. Nothing wrong la. Just start the car, the on-board computer will do the rest. You think too much.
  11. Saw on FB, effective IOS12, Warez and Google Maps will be made available on Apple Carplay ! Hooray !
  12. W205 a good car ! Dont always believe what you read. Talk to owners are the best. Comment from people whom are not owner are not worth reading.
  13. Me too ! Wiper Juddering is the most irritating of all ! Especially if its rains, its a Merc, you have an oversea guest on-board, and they look at you like WTF !
  14. Search the forum here for recommended workshop. Maybe one with turbo and ECU experience. Alternatively, go back to C&C and get some price shock.