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  1. Note - A180, A200, A250 same downpipe
  2. Can also dont change, if you think these lubrication can last forever.
  3. https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Mercedes-SLK230/90-ENGINE-Supercharger_Oil_Change/90-ENGINE-Supercharger_Oil_Change.htm https://mbworld.org/forums/c-class-w203/217250-diy-c230k-sedan-oil-change-w203-3.html https://mbworld.org/forums/c-class-w203/389696-supercharger-oil-change.html https://www.benzworld.org/forums/r170-slk-class/1503788-kompressor-supercharger-oil-change.html
  4. Depending on your current mileage. The supercharger oil is a sticky and smelly oil as its suppose to be contained inside the supercharger. They get thin out with high mileage cars and therefore needs a refresh. If your mileage is excess of 80K up, do consider.
  5. Avantgarde and Elegance basically uses the same shock. Only difference is the bottom spring base position (adjustable if its Bilstein)
  6. Just take the chassis nos. and give C&C a call.
  7. They probably added some heat resistance lub behind the brake pad shim to eliminate the sound. Common issue and solution.
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