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  1. Dont know. You know how LTA works. Let them satisfied their own finding first. So far no update. Just keep all the relevant documents which pertain to the the issue in case its needed in future..
  2. Totally agreed with iMac. Many of us had done that. They reminded not to pump fresh CNG ; as an empty and disabled system is the safest one !
  3. So far no news from LTA. Yeap, few years back had checked with C&C when my system got locked by the ECU, at that time they also indicated $10K for system removal (think car will have to be down for 60 days too ! maybe they send to Germany !). But they also indicated that the vehicle is 100% safe and worked perfectly without NGT too (after CNG purged). *$10K will buy you 5000L @$2/L of petrol and travel 50000km (assuming 1L=10km) !!
  4. Thats what i was told by LTA. Go for 2nd inspection also same result ; unless system is reactivate and pump fresh CNG inside tank, which C&C discourage as its more dangerous than having an empty tank (the concern is leakage, no gas how to leak ?). Also a full system purging will be needed ($500 at C&C).
  5. Suggest to email and also call them, they will asked for your license plate number to verify.
  6. Update : Received a reminder inspection LTA letter. Called LTA to seek their instruction how to act, they confirmed in-touch with C&C on the issue.
  7. C&C has called to follow-up this morning and checked whether LTA has any response. They reaffirmed that they dont recommend 3rd parties vendor removal of the NGT system and they dont recommend system removal too. Safest is "DON'T Touch!". Most NGT system can be software/hardware locked, emptied and remain domain. Dont think LTA needs a solution for a domain system. A domain NGT system without natural gas is the safest. Bro iMac's suggestion is a good prevention. In my layman opinion, they just needs endorsement towards a domain system and educate the user rather. Anyhow, current situation is as such. Will update when more development.
  8. Update : Called LTA this morning, seems they have been alert of the Merc NGT situation (seems Chevrolet cars affected too) , and they seems not surprise and well noted. They arent too sure what they want to do with such a situation but refer to higher up.
  9. Aiyo ! LTA , without the NGT, car working 110% fine ! A disabled system is better than a working but leaky one ! Seow ah !
  10. Given a list of vendor to remove the NGT system. Called all of them, all say that original Merc system they cannot do. Must go back to C&C. Called C&C Pandan, they say original system from Germany, cannot remove. Spoilt just leave it. Very safe. Remove consider modification. C&C dont do modification. What the !
  11. Just an update. Had went for the inspection and failed as they cannot test it. Informed that the system is software disabled and there isnt any CNG gas inside the tank (safe without CNG gas contend, right ?) They say got to get it working for the test ! Otherwise remove it !
  12. Hi bro driving W211 NGT. Currently LTA issued letter to check NGT by 9 Jun 2017. Mine NGT system not working for the last 4-5 years. How ? I believed many are in the same situation. I was told that those who failed may be requested to have the system remove (not sure).
  13. Share share the details leh. Looks like i may needs another set (last change 1 year back but seems lousy and vibration again!).
  14. As far as i know , its usually over-trade advantage and some "Free" gifts thrown in thats all.