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  1. Gee ! That looks like a de-chrome surface. (you sure its chrome before the polish ? or its a black strip ?)
  2. For CLA, there is discussion on using 1 vs 2 strut. Also seems there is various sources for these bonnet strut. Maybe some one can revive a GB again.
  3. No lah bro. Just happened to had the same issue previously. So share share.
  4. Ball joint bro.
  5. Look at the 2nd if number. any 50w syn oil will be good
  6. Whats your mileage ? My guess its above 150K, use 50w.
  7. Hi Mind PM me the cost and source ? Thanks,
  8. C&C adoption fee for PI cars are 30K , advance payment before they touch the ride.
  9. Bro, i had been using 98 Esso since the last advise 9 yrs back from Ah Boon of AutoSprite on my w211. Till today, so far so good, no pinging/knocking. The reason why many owner had to hv a top overhaul (some as new as 3 years old) mainly due to knocking/pinging. The Kompressor or Turbo engine (compressed charged engine) is relatively hot and demand the best fuel to suppress engine knock. More so if its been boosted up or ECU tuned for ignition advance. Its a Mercedes Benz, use the best you can afford.
  10. It really works ! In fact, even better if its applied on NEW wiper. It swipe clean and no juddering.
  11. Thanks bro. I asked bsc i may be switching camp from W211 to CLA or the CLA SB.
  12. ........my 9 years old W211 ..... got no such issue leh.