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  1. Hi bro, 


    Saw your posting on the side steps or running board. May I know where you got yours eventually and how much was the damage, including installation? 

    How was it? Any review? 


    Thanks in advance. 



  2. Can you share the cost and source of the kit with me?
  3. Yes! PM to make arrangements to deal
  4. It is compatible. Are you interested to purchase from me?
  5. Hi! Checked with goldenlink, it will fit c class for models made between 2007 to 2014. Which year is your ride?
  6. I Will need to check with the supplier...should fit if using similar brakes...will update
  7. Brand new set of ceramic brake pads and sensor for Mercedes c class cars - front and back wheels. Bought directly from goldenlink. Great replacement from normal brake pads. Low dust, low noise and long lasting! Bought at $221. Letting go at $200
  8. Hi Penangkia! How much for the maxpider mat group buy?
  9. Hi all, selling my current ride and upgrading to GLC. Do PM me if you are interested!
  10. Thanks! Already bought the item from a reputable source.
  11. Hi all, just booked from GLC from a PI. The unit doesn't come with side steps. Planning to buy one from a Ali express and install it in a workshop. Anyone familiar if the side steps is a standard fit for all GLC? Link of the item:
  12. Hi, anymore stock for the front carpet?