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  1. You are most welcome. Do take note that you will need to reapply the gel every couple of months..depending on usage. Cheers!
  2. I have this same issue on my CLA45 also. Many 45 owners (A & GLA also) experience this. It's like a water & gas flow noise...whooshing or hissing sound. Well, many have tried flushing & servicing the aircon to no avail. I'm sorry you have done even more unnecessary aircon works. We 45 owners have learned to live with it....thankfully our loud engine & exhaust noise give some noise canceling effect. Lol.... I suggest that u turn up the radio volume.
  3. VIN

    Don't worry.....on your log sheet, you will be able to see the YOM. Is the VIN number that important?
  4. Every 20,000km.
  5. Try Khai Wah Batt....they are authorized Varta dealer. Look for Fred at 62926700.
  6. If yours is the Varta AGM Batt, it can be recharged. I recharge my batt every few weeks or when I travel overseas. Use the CTEK batt charger.
  7. Why not wash it? just buy the K&N wash kit. Spray the detergent on the filter, let it soak for 5 mins. then rinse off. You will be more amazed at the amount of dirt trapped in it. Air Dry it for 24 hrs or use a hair dryer (don't spray dry with air gun at workshop...it will damage the filter) Then re-oil it sparingly....the filter is as good as new. I use the K&N wash kit for my BMC filters. Same thing
  8. Just to add a bit more info here about low batt... The left wing mirror does not auto tilt back fully to memorized position after shifting from R to D....usually stops after 80% . Park Assist will not work. The sensors will fail to pick up the markers when you position the car for parking. Warning signs will pop up on the dash screen if the batt is really low
  9. I have used & tried many types of aftermarket performance air filters for all my rides over many years. Bear in mind that most of them are oil based filters that can be washed & re-oiled except for Hurricane. Don't want to denigrate any particular brands, I find that BMC is the best performer....
  10. For BMC....look for Benzline. I highly recommend BMC....forget about K&N.
  11. Try to reset the TCU (transmission control unit). Should solve the problem. Watch this....
  12. Are you referring to the down shift gear shock when it kicks down from 2 to 1? Or are you referring to the throttle lift off jerk at low gear? Btw, has your car been tuned by some piggyback or remapped by a tuner?
  13. Generally speaking...RON 95 is sufficient for Merc cars...incl W204. I don't intend to speak ill of oil companies, but sometimes I have my suspicion that particular day in that particular station somehow the petrol could be tainted with lower RON.....particularly in our neighboring country. So yes...j88 suggestion of using RON98 is a good idea, even better if you alternate the 95 & 98 or stay 98 all the way.