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  1. Most welcome bro....happy wet motoring.
  2. No problem at all....except that your wallet is lighter by $1.5k. Call Yang at 9853412
  3. Well, since a courtesy car was loaned to you, C&C has fulfilled its obligation on its part. Think you have no case, maybe your SE can do something.
  4. Didn't you get a courtesy car?
  5. That would impair your vision under heavy rain....rather risky.
  6. We have a very active 45 forum via whatsapp. PM me your number.....all your concerns & mod questions are addressed here.
  7. Sadly, I think she is more interested in selling car insurance.
  8. Hi Trish....give us some feedback on your choice car A180. Hope you are enjoying loads driving it.
  9. Hello....welcome.
  10. Its whichever comes 1st....go service the car lah.
  11. Managed to find the part number for the updated B pillar trim that comes with the lip that prevents the seat belt from rubbing the trim. Bought at Goldenlink & got them installed in a car audio shop.
  12. You are most welcome. Do take note that you will need to reapply the gel every couple of months..depending on usage. Cheers!
  13. I have this same issue on my CLA45 also. Many 45 owners (A & GLA also) experience this. It's like a water & gas flow noise...whooshing or hissing sound. Well, many have tried flushing & servicing the aircon to no avail. I'm sorry you have done even more unnecessary aircon works. We 45 owners have learned to live with it....thankfully our loud engine & exhaust noise give some noise canceling effect. Lol.... I suggest that u turn up the radio volume.