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  1. This feature is called Collision Prevention Assist-Plus.
  2. If u intend to use back your current rims.....it should be the same size (slick or non slick) naturally.
  3. Swee! This is the best mod for 45 cars....try it to believe it! upz for u SY.
  4. That's the headlight washer cover. It's on both sides. Try Benzline or Goldenlink for parts.
  5. Boring meh? BBK & wheels look familiar.
  6. Show us what cool stuff u have there....
  7. That was done some years ago and no longer own that car. Yes...performance has some improvement as cold air intake is a lot easier & better. Another word..it breathes better. Cant recall exactly how much....but it wasn't cheap, $1.2k I think. Done at Carbon Revo. Look for Lawrence 91097821
  8. Goldenlink will help customers with part numbers....They have a full catalogue of any Merc model.
  9. Bro...why go to C&C to buy original pats & accessories? You should be thankful that your SA isn't helpful here as C&C will surely charge you a lot more for their parts & labour. I would never go to them for parts that are not covered under warranty. Just go to any Merc stockist (eg Goldenlink) with your part number. Most parts are available, if not they will order from Germany with a 2 weeks wait time. Bring your part to a reliable installer or workshop for installation or better still...DIY.
  10. Good to know that customers won't get pushed around when we stand firm with a good knowledge of our rights & about cars in general.
  11. This is very SAD. DTM will lose many fans...me included.
  12. There are used ones lying around for sale. A lot upgraded to the double fin AMG look. Try Sonic Racing...our site sponsor.