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  1. Congrats! This is a very nice car. Is this your 1st Merc?
  2. Upgrade lah unker. Multi beam has more intelligence than the ILS. It will not blind the opposite traffic without dipping the lights as the eye in the headlight will shut some LED light bulbs that blinds the opposite traffic car without compromising the overall lighted field. It will also move in accordance with your steering input above a certain speed. There are more features....need to read up. It’s a more expensive option the old ILS in the previous models. BTW, this multi beam headlight doesn’t pass USA inspection. Hence it’s disallowed there. Many new USA Merc owners cry father cry mother when their new cars come with normal headlights....cheapening their expensive car look.
  3. Get the right camera.
  4. Look for our site sponsor Sonic Racing. I believe Steve can make your dream come true....he has various types of grilles including Diamond grille.
  5. The guru has spoken. 👍
  6. Unker….C180 CGI is only 155bhp. C200 CGI is 184bhp.
  7. Just took delivery of a FL W205. Loving every minute of it but this drinks heavily. Lol..
  8. Most welcome bro....happy wet motoring.
  9. No problem at all....except that your wallet is lighter by $1.5k. Call Yang at 9853412
  10. Well, since a courtesy car was loaned to you, C&C has fulfilled its obligation on its part. Think you have no case, maybe your SE can do something.
  11. Didn't you get a courtesy car?
  12. That would impair your vision under heavy rain....rather risky.
  13. We have a very active 45 forum via whatsapp. PM me your number.....all your concerns & mod questions are addressed here.
  14. Sadly, I think she is more interested in selling car insurance.