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  1. Nice! Well done Jin....spent a bomb but worth every cent.
  2. Once bought....stop monitoring the COE. Just enjoy the new ride. If u can't do this, u will always be miserable..... might as well take a grab or uber to move around.
  3. It would help a lot if you reveal which Merc model fits these pads.....
  4. Can buy from Goldenlink. I have changed it before....DIY. Need a flower-shaped screw driver ( available in hardware store) to remove a screw below the small rectangular tray after opening the arm rest. While you are at it, might as well buy the rubber sliding cover at the same time & change them together.
  5. If I were you....I'll change the workshop.
  6. Black AMG calipers? Top marks for effort.....
  7. ILS is a cool feature....the lights 'dance' when the car is started up. Moving with the steering direction makes night driving a pleasure. However there were moments when I wish I had 360 cam which could have saved my wheels from being kerbed while parking or while turning in tight car park rams. Go for both.
  8. It's normal. It's more obvious when the ECO start/stop is activated when the car comes to a halt and the engine gets cut off, the aircon will shut down next with the soft 'pop'. I heard this in a CLA180, Cla200 & even in my CLA45.
  9. Well? Did u chk the owner's manual? Looks like it's low batt.
  10. Generally, once the 3 yr warranty expires, the PI & AD cars are on almost equal standing in resale value. The only peace of mind for AD's car is that in factory recalls, it's a lot easier to fix the problem.
  11. Hi Joyce...just a heads up for selling this (ie wheels with tyres). You will need to mention several details.... a) the specs of the wheel (diameter, width, offset, pcd) Original or replicas? b.) the specs of the tyres....(e.g. 245/35/19) & the brand (e.g. Goodyear ) d) the age & condition of the wheels & tyres. E.g. Wheels in tip top cond or scuff marks at the edges. And Tyres 70% left. e) what car was this fitted on previously? f) the most relevant detail.. your asking price. Incidentally, are these wheels in Illinois? All the best to your sale!
  12. Go get a used Audio 20. There are plenty at Elebest....our site sponsor.
  13. Price difference bet AD & PI really depends on many factors......but generally, the rarer the model, the bigger the difference in price, eg C180 vs C63s. My CLA45 from Vincar was a $40k difference with higher specs & OMV, it was a no brainer.
  14. Always look for CASE accredited PI dealers.....it's your safest bet. Don't be tempted by dealers who lelong.....that's where the horror stories start.