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  1. Why Merc over other makes? It's "The best or nothing".
  2. Yes....a thin layer with a clean sponge will do You will see the wiper appear a little shiny like tyre....no need too much as it can stain on the windscreen where it stops vertically. Anyway, its easy to clean it off if it stains
  3. I reapply every 2 weeks.....simple job.
  4. Red icon & alarm must be activated TOGETHER ...... u try it. Good luck.
  5. Incidentally, for cars with CPA....when the red icon & alarm is lighted up, the car is primed for emergency stop or crash. The power assisted brakes are primed for hard braking even when your right foot is weak from the panic or just poor reflex. Thus a normal tap on the brakes can have twice or more stopping power....Thks to CPA.
  6. Yes...you are right. For CPA alone, there's only a loud irritating alarm to alert u to step on brakes. In all honesty, this is better than CPA-Plus for spirited driving. Many people disable this feature permanemty for track use. Can u imagine the car decides to stop by itself when u come close the front car for slip stream advantage before u overtake him?
  7. Because its a AMG?? Currently dominating F1 scene for 3 years. What are the 4 rings for, besides being good for holding car keys?
  8. Go for the CLA45....even better for practicality.
  9. Sounds like your engine is Pinging aka knocking. What RON petrol is this? U need a min of RON95.
  10. Call Benzline....they did my car last year. Went for the package of 3 programmings. 1) Aircon recirculation 2) overtaking indicators 5 blinks (factory 3 blinks). 3) ECO start/stop off by default. Can activate manually. Can't remember how much....$250 maybe.
  11. My bro's CLA 200 also had the same problem 2 months ago. Had to tow to C&C. Found out that his after market Comand headunit was the cause of 'motherboard' failure. They change it back to its original Audio 20 head unit & all's well now. Did u install any aftermarket devices in your car?
  12. Vincar? Congrats! For a start, go get a illuminated Star.
  13. Bro....ILS can't be retrofitted. Not simply plug & play....needs programming. ILS is a factory option only. As for Bi xenon, you can get hold of many after market kits. But beware of high temp from these bulbs, they are one of the reasons why many cars are catching fire on the road in the night.