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  1. Any suggestions for a nice silver 19 inch rim for the new E250 cabriolet? car has the AMG kit already. Just missing some nice shoes. A polished lip would look great. 2 piece models will look a bit undersized due to having a lip. Have seen nice 20s but with wife driving it...not an ideal setup for her.
  2. Anyone know the best all in price for a new E250 cabriolet? 7 speed AMG sports version. PI car Was offered 259k. But car is with single disc and single exhaust . No GPS. With the new E facelift already announce, not long before the new headlamp design with cool led trimming is carried to the coupe and cab too.
  3. Nope. Coe was neglible compared to cost of car. For sure Coe price in 2003 was much lower than in 2008 when I sold the SL for my GTR. Now I remember,,,COE for my GTR in June 2008 was only 18k. What I meant was that with Omv of only 130k , the SL had a big profit margin for C&C
  4. I bought a new SL500 in 2003 from C&C. Fitted it with AMG kit and 19inch multipiece wheels. 255/35R19s front and 285/30R19s rear. The car looked great. Drove like a dream and the folding hard top worked really well. Engine and gearbox were problem free, but the ABC suspension was prone to creaking and leaking. That aside, I enjoyed my 5 years of ownership. One of the best cars I ever owned. The problem I faced when selling it was the low low price it fetched. Bought the car for $460k, plus AMG kit and rims $15k. Omv was 130k if I remembered correctly. Mileage 30k km. Sold the car for 205k. Huge depreciation. I think AMG cars are fanstastic. But looking at their Omv and selling price, not going to fetch good resale value. Same with BMW M cars.
  5. I upgraded to HID on my msian proton V6. Cant remember the brand but it used Philips ballast. Taiwan kit though. The balast was good. The cheap bulbs didnt last. And the original reflector type housings couldnt focus the light properly either. On a friend's Ferrari 512M, I upgraded to HID for him using a full Philips HID conversion kit that included bulb, ballast and wiring. Made in Germany. Bought from a vendor in the U.S. at usd290 including shipping to me. The kit worked well. Problem again was the old type projector headlamps on the ferrari. It couldnt focus the light well. Colour was great..whitish at 6000k
  6. A good HID replacement is the best solution. But many aftermarket kits dont meet the standards. Problem is your existing lens. If projector type, much better. If the normal reflector type, expect the light to be dimmer than what is advertised. On singapore roads, I am sure aesthetic effect is better too.
  7. Nowadays I think better to be more low profile. My next ride will have regulation tint. My family lexus with 50% tint got summoned 4 months ago. My buddy in his ferrari received mail notice to go for inspection. He suspect its for his dark tint. Too many kaypohs nowadays who will take photo of yr ride and bother to email to LTA
  8. thanks for yr replies. Not right to drill holes in any part of the car for aftermarket mods. Let me get my ride soon and then decide on the best rev cam solution.
  9. Hi guys, Contemplating buying a used E250 cabriolet. But it doesnt have rev cam yet. What's the best local solution to integrate one into the stock display? Thanks in advance for yr advice.
  10. I like dark tint myself. But there is a limit to it. Those cars with tint so dark you cant see into it during the day are hazards at night.
  11. I own a GS300. Not the new model. But before buying it, was choosing between Merc E and Bmw 5 also. Never regret choosing the Lexus. Can drive the whole day and its still really comfortable on the body. It would appeal to a older set of drivers. The specs of the car are also much better than either of the German makes. Was contemplating changing to the new GS350 F sport too. But the old GS300 is still great to drive after six years.
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