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  1. Brand new with 4 new filters. Family don't want to use. Bought $218 ($149 + $69 filters). Selling $150 cash & carry. WhatsApp 96211303
  2. Check it out... http://www.alloywheelsdirect.net/information
  3. Just read on Chip Soon...not jumping on the wag wagon....his guys forgot to cap off 2 air con connections after refrigrant topup...found out when the caps got blown from below the wipers during car wash...been with them since after warranty....disappointing their service standard heading south...not going back for dont know what the guys can forget.....
  4. Check out Chip Soon...been there after warranty for major servicing as well.. original parts used. Did changeout of absorbers and amg rim fit a week ago...excellent job. Pretty conservative bosses, so dnt go if you want fanciful mod, but being so great, reliable merc parts service jobs always. Avg 10k/quarter for my ride so Chip Soon's my best bet, so far.
  5. Bro, could you pm me the price and shop please, many thanks.
  6. Yes, and was during my car's repeated visit to sort out keyless sensing issues...forced foc... Chip Soon had their prices listed on the wall. For servicing Mercedes parts were used. I like how the jobs get done but check it out yourself...no fancy cafe though but no big deal to me...
  7. Recommend Chip Soon, did my 113k service plus batt n engine mounting changeout last sat, 1.6k. Could be 2x or more at c n c...quoted $700 just for batt changeout....
  8. You may want to check out Chip Soon Auto as well...at Blk 9002 #01-74 TampinesSt 93....recommended by some members....did w212,103K servicing recently...excellent job, original parts & experience team and boss...going back for next major servicing soon....
  9. It sounded like a rusty door hinge...audible at low speed possibly cos it gets drowned out by other noises at hi speeds...no particular manouvre...slowing down bef hump, reversing to park...fr chris one other w212 had the same prob...not sure if he manages all sc or just pandan....
  10. Get this a rusty squeaky noise from undercarriage and had c n c changed out but noise back within a month. Mercedes seemed not intetested to address or has no solution. Now going back to service bef 100k, ask for changeout again and c n c offers to extend extra 1 yr warranty, asked Chris brown is c n c expecting me go back to changeout every 1-2 months n wat's mercedes' plan.....waiting for response..anyone having same noise?
  11. 18 x 8.5 x 48 (245/40/R18) 18 x 9 x 54 (265/35/R18) Thanks.
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