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  1. It's better to let cnc check the gear box. My gear box just fix its cost me $5k from outside workshop
  2. Hello Bros here. I wish to have some feedback for this tire Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 . Any buddy's here are using it now? Thanks
  3. 200..nono cannot. Kana TP...blueblack.
  4. Hi Bro So far i can feel its getting better. Have not jam brake yet. But soon i will try it.
  5. why they is eeeee sound when i step on the ATE brake?
  6. As few buddies here mentioned i need to let it run first and the braking will improve. I will wait for few days and see how is it. As for now i Boh Feeling leh. Right now i Step on brake hard car still move forward.Unlike the Original one.Anyway i cant said its no good yet. Will give a try first.
  7. Hi Tanwill, Are you using the ATE brake pad now?
  8. I just fix the ATE Ceramic Brake pad @ 3pm today but @ 4.30pm i went back to buy the original brake pad & Disc. I dont like the ate brake pad i find the braking isnt the effective. I will change back to the original brake pad. Sorry its just my point of view.
  9. Hello brothers here, I have been searching for system that have adnroid mirroring with bigger screen for w204. Any.brother here could pls guide? Thank you
  10. TTs alot to all bros here. i have get my in law to change the fuse for me liao.
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