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  1. i have changed my C200 from staggered configuration to standard and so far there is no issue
  2. Brake pads for my Euromodz BBK is worn and due for renewal. Do I have to go back to Euromodz or any workshop wil do?
  3. akula

    WTB Head Rest

    less than $50. i think it was $30 or $40
  4. akula

    WTB Head Rest

    i had a similar problem before and a new one cost $500-600 sent to Ah Boon in Autospritze and he repaired it for me
  5. akula

    WTB Head Rest

    what is the problem with the present head rest?
  6. why not try website like FWD, directasia, insuremycar etc to check if there is a better deal? I just made a claim too and now "eagerly" waiting how much will be the next premium
  7. insured with Sompo was required to give a statement about the modification and recorded mine stating i thought those were accessories not modification should know outcome by Mon
  8. has an accident 10 days ago and made a claim against own insurance till now claim is not approved yet because of the modifcation done on car eg BBK, piggyback, rims etc and not declared to the insurer estimated repair $30K !! hope i dun have to bear this cost myself
  9. forgive my shallow input.........i install purely for aesthetic purpose .... reasonable price and color looks good
  10. i dun know if sometime it is false alarm. i experienced twice already (second time only last week) that the light came on but disappeared after 2-3 days before i could go workshop to check
  11. will this cause any problem with the battery? last month, i left the hazard lights on after parking the car then came back to a flat battery
  12. i got them for $40 but this was prices from 2 years ago
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