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  1. Hope that you have the command APS ntg 5.5 DVD map soon!
  2. Hi, I would like to find out the cost for W212 2012 pre-fl model chasis no is WDD2120472A652727 Francis@91796511
  3. Hi, Can pm me the price? Also the price if I want to respray to the brown colour shown in the picture you have attached. tq
  4. Hi, anyone can share? cos the seller in ebay (from japan) selling the W212 emblem told me that his one is only not for w212 2010-onwards.
  5. Hi, so you have the third from the top front grill for w212? Also, do you have the flat bonnet emblem for w212? and how much with install. cheers
  6. At Sim Ming Autocare
  7. Hi, I finally decided on amazing glaze after comparing price plus also inputs from my colleagues as they got their PPS from amazing glaze. So far I heard only good comments for both amazing glaze and revol...
  8. hihi... just got my ride and is doing my doing on which PPS to do. Understand that the latest Merc paint has some form of touch coat property and may be incompatible with some of the current PPS. Anyone tried the followings and can share your views? 1. Amazing Glaze 2. Revol's ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection 3. CSII PPS 4. Sonax Nano Protect 5. Others : brand. type of PPS? Seems that revol is highly recommended the ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection compatible with Merc's paint? Paiseh... just saw this post... I also intend to call up Revol after X mas and will share their input here later. Thanks a lot and Merry Xmas!
  9. Hi, Can help to decode this Vin code? Thanks WDD2120472A652727 WDD2040482A565066 my email is