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  1. then don't buy lor! All the E class mercs have been used as cabs. W124, W210, W211, W212. Shouldn't be surprised if that's the way they intend to stay where maybe the W213 is also used as a taxi. Hey my white W124 resembles one sans the taxi sign.
  2. Maybe I'll experiment on the last month before my car i scrapped. look like i might be saying good bye to the mercedes and getting an 8V once my 16V gets scrapped.
  3. I might consider doing a HID retrofit once i find a suitable w124 with enough COE to make swapping an engine in worthwhile. Anyway how much does a new bulb holder and headlight assembly cost?
  4. Alright looks like i'll buy a new set of bulbs and put the high wattage bulbs in a vehicle i don't give a damn about. Do you think i should get 55/60w white bulbs from ebay or should i just go for diamond vision from Philips?
  5. Recently, i purchased a pair of H4 bulbs that supposedly emit white light. Always wanted to get the xenon effect. Decided to buy a pair online. Only problem was that i wasn't looking carefully at the description and ordered 90/100w H4 bulbs. I know that the stock is 55/60w Would i be able to use them without any problems to the car's circuitry?
  6. Haha there was one at the MND Building at maxwell today. Flag down rate is still 3.9. Looks nice and everything but if i do get a W212 eventually, no way will i get a white one.
  7. Please pardon me if I sound silly. I would like to know what are the possibilities of fitting the M111.947 in the W124? What are the necessary parts needed for the swap? What needs to be replaced?
  8. Yeah i've read that bit. I have seen how the inspection was done, they just lifted my hood and closed it within 30 seconds. Perhaps because it's a merc so they have this impression that mercedes owners don't mod their cars... Especially one which is really old.. Anyway question here is whether they'd notice that a 1990-1992 W124 is actually having a 1993 W124's engine....
  9. Just say i need to put a new engine to replace my car's old engine is it? So you sure they don't care if the 16v is 2cc more than the 8V? What about road tax? If that's the case i might be buying the 8V soon...
  10. Okay what is the probability of getting caught? Anyway if i were to go through LTA and get their permission, how long would the process take? Will i be able to get my own workshop to do the swap or would i have to go to an LTA assigned workshop? After the swap, would i be given some certification to say that my car has been allowed to have the 16V swapped in? Actually i just realised something, LTA requires the engine to be of the same capacity....
  11. Well I was planning to do it without LTA's approval by changing the engine numbers through a lobang i got. Dunno whether it'll work.