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  1. This Mazda 3 came in with a a scratched front bumper. Fully restored within the day. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  2. Honda getting its "Onsen" at S M Spray Painting. Getting ready to be cleansed to enter the new year next week! www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  3. So many different tones on this Mercedes Benz. But fret not, it'll be in perfect showroom condition in no time! Car Spray Painting Singapore www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  4. Audi A5 Sportback scratched fender and door restored in time for CNY 2020 😎 The recommended Car Spray Painting Workshop In Singapore. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  5. S M Spray Painter, down on his knees to ensure that he doesn't miss a spot. A meticulous car spray painter. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  6. CNY 2020 Is Just Around The Corner. Is your car ready to look its best to usher in the year of the Rat? Best to get those chips and dents restored. If your bumpers, fenders and doors have been getting around with scratches, perhaps now is the time to get a respray job done. Spray Paint and Restore Your Car This CNY! www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  7. Mercedes Benz CLA180 got into a minor accident causing some deep scratches on the fender and rear passenger door. The team got to work and the car is now as good as new. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  8. Mercedes Benz GLC 250 Passenger Door Respray. The passenger-side door got into a minor incident causing some scratches and dents. It was restored all over again, as good as new. The Recommended Spray Painting Workshop in Singapore. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  9. BMW X5 Midway prep for respray and after respray. If you're getting ready for CNY 2020 to get your car looking new all over again, now is the time before it's too late! 🙀 www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  10. A BMW X4 came is with some pretty deep scratches in a concentrated area that spans across 2 panels. The team got to work to restore both panels perfectly. The recommended Spray Painting workshop in Singapore. www.smspraypainting.com.sg #smspraypainting #carspraypainting #carrespray #doorrespray #fenderrespray #bmw #bmwsg
  11. Mercedes Benz E250 AMG preparing for few panel resprays in our "oven". The recommended Car Spray Painting Workshop In Singapore. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  12. Honda Freed getting ready for a full car respray. Looks like matte maroon but with lots of swirls! The recommended Spray Painting Workshop In Singapore. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  13. When you send your car over for a panel respray, what to expect? All chips, dents and scratched within the same panel needs to be restored. For a quality finish, lots of effort and time needs to be put in. Know what to expect when you send your car over for a respray 😎 The Recommended Spray Painting Workshop In Singapore www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  14. Many times, we get questions like, "How come is the downtime so long?" Preparing a car for spray painting is a pretty long process. It requires much patience and an eye for detail or the spray painting will not turn out right. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
  15. Another BMW still going through the process of putty, cleaning, washing and drying before heading into the oven for spray painting. www.smspraypainting.com.sg
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